Wednesday, May 29, 2024

Ghaza genocide?

The International Court of Justice said that what is happening in Ghaza might be genocide, and they are going to study the case further. Israel, backed up by the US, UK, and Western Europe, say what they are doing is 'self defence', allowed by the UN Charter, so they are in full compliance with International Law.

Genocide requires that one be killing members of a religious and ethnic group only because they are members of a religious and ethnic group. This is, pretty much, just the Jews. The Palestinians are a mixture of Christians and Muslims, so not a uniform religious and ethnic group as the Jews all are.

If one relaxes the definition from a religious and ethnic group to a religious or ethnic group, the Palestinians are all Arabs, and killing a group of Arabs only because they are Arabs is genocide. Maybe.

Israel say they are not killing everyone in Ghaza because they are Arabs, they are killing them because they are terrorists, and killing terrorists is allowed under International Law. Of course, many say one cannot be a terrorist if younger than 5 years old, but the Israelis say that's because one does not understand that Ghazan parents teach babies who can barely crawl to carry a knife instead of a baby rattle and be ready to kill every Jew they can crawl to. Also, if a terrorist surrounds himself with human shields, it is the terrorist who is responsible for the deaths of the human shields, not the Israeli Occupation Force (IOF). The charter of Hamas says that it is the duty of everyone in Ghaza to kill every last Jew everywhere in the world, so how can Israel allow such people to live where they can easily repeat the attack of 7 October?

Max Blumenthal writes a lot about what is happening in Israel in The Grayzone. First, the Hamas Charter has not one word about killing Jews, just the desire for a place to live that is not a Concentration Camp. Crops were limited, and Ghazans were often shot when farming or fishing, to limit the food in Ghaza. Hamas wanted to change their way of life, and managed to break out and take hostages, this much is uncontested. Israel released a 47 minute tape, said to be put together from videos on Hamas' phones, showing rapes and murders. Max Blumenthal says those rapes and murders are real, but were not filmed anywhere in Israel, the IOF downloaded the clips from YouTube, all uploaded before the end of 2022, so they could not have been of the 7 October 2023 Hamas raid. Max Blumenthal also says the Israeli claim of 1,200 killed by Hamas is another falsehood: many of the Israelis killed on 7 October were killed by the IOF to prevent their being taken hostage, and this is called the 'Hannibal Rule': never let anyone be taken hostage if there is any way to prevent it, and killing hostages and kidnappers with a Hellfire missile or machine gun fire is an acceptable way to prevent Israelis from being taken hostage.

Rick Sanchez has also been looking at Ghaza. He was particularly horrified by the attack last Sunday where the IOF shelled a place the Palestinians had been told to go since it was safe. The attack set many tents on fire and at least 45 Palestinians were burned to death. As Mr Sanches says, this will harm Jews since some people will have developed an anger and hatred of all Jews for what the IOF are doing, even anti-Zionist Jews. But the US, UK, France, Germany, and some other Western European countries still support Israel, but Ireland, Spain, and Norway say they now recognise the (non-existent) Palestinian State.

Netanyahu says the IOF will stay in Ghaza at least until the end of this year, so another 6 months, maybe longer. Unless the famine kills off all the Ghazans in less than 6 months, or some other country agrees to take them.

I must note that the Israeli version, that they have never committed genocide, is strongly supported by Fox News and those who view Fox News uncritically. Other US news channels say they just don't know. No US news channel say Israel is definitely guilty of genocide.

Monday, May 6, 2024


I heard the name 'Candace Owens' and decided to look her up. She was on The Daily Wire, but was fired for antisemitism.

It started when Rabbi Barclay wrote several columns calling her an antisemite. Then she invited him to be on her show on The Daily Wire where she asked him to define antisemitism. He began by saying he could not define misogyny, since he was not a woman, only women can define misogyny. Then he said he could not define racism since he was not Black, and only Blacks can define the racism that affects Blacks. Finally, he said only a Jew can define antisemitism, and there is an agreement among Jews, and the term has been defined in print in many places.

Rabbi Barclay gave a brief history of antisemitism. First, he said, Christians hated Jews because they did not accept Jesus as the Messiah. This is, of course, historically verified. He called this religious antisemitism.

Next, he added, was the 'Blood Lie', that Jews drink the blood of Christian infants. Again, the fact that some Christians told this lie is historical record. It is also a fact that Jews, before they eat kosher meat, must cleanse if of all blood, so blood is treyf for Jews, including the blood of Christian infants. And, again, this was a verifiable part of what he called religious antisemitism.

Later, in the 18th and 19th centuries, he continued, Christianity no longer drove hatred of Jews, but just the fact that Jews were different. This he called racial antisemitism.

Note that in both cases, the underlying antisemitism was hatred of Jews.

But now, Rabbi Barclay says, antisemitism means criticism of Israel or Zionism. Everyone who dislikes  Israel or Zionism must hate Jews, and so is antisemitic.

I have many problems with Rabbi Barclay's logic, but the effectiveness of his presentation is indisputable: it get Candace Owens fired, which was the one goal of the articles he wrote about her and his appearance on her show.

Tuesday, April 30, 2024

Rape by Hamas??????

The London Review of Books has a May 2024 article by Azadeh Moaveni studying the rapes by Hamas on 7 October 2023. She asks if all the rapes that Israel say Hamas committed actually occurred. It is a long article, and she did quite a lot of research.

Basically, Israel announced that Hamas had murdered more than 1,400 Israelis and raped and murdered many, many women, including those taken hostage. (The 1,400 was later reduced to 1,200 after it turned out that 200 of the dead were members of Hamas, not Israeli victims). The New York Times had a long article by Jeffrey Gettleman on 26 March giving all the horrific details, saying that rape was an essential part of the Hamas attack on 7 October, 2023. This article was based, in part, on the UN report by Pramila Patten, who wrote what the Israelis told her. She did some checking, and said that while mass rape was proven, not all of the Israeli claims could be verified, but most were obviously true. She admitted she had absolutely no evidence, only information, meaning a few of the Israeli stories had contradictions and so could not possibly be true, but she accepted all those not provably false as true. The New York Times accepted all the Israeli claims as irrefutably proven: not only did Hamas rape and kill many women, many of the hostages were also raped while in captivity, as the women released are reported (by Israel) to have testified (the women are so traumatised they cannot be interviewed).

The Grayzone has many articles by Max Blumenthal et al. saying there is no evidence of any rape, the accusation of rape is Israeli policy, since many of those learning about the attack agree that rape justifies the Israeli Occupation Force (IOF) punishment of Palestinians more than mere murder. I heard one reporter testify that he had seen the videos of the rapes, some taken and released by Hamas and some by Israelis who had hidden themselves and turned their videos over to Israeli authorities, so those rapes were provably true. But the Grayzone says those videos can be found on YouTube dated 2022 (meaning the YouTube date of posting, not a date in the video which might not be correct). So yes, Israel has real videos of real rapes that they gave to those studying what Hamas did on 7 October 2023, but none of those rapes occurred on 7 October, 2023 during the Hamas attack.

Israel has a propaganda department that worked hard to manufacture the story of mass rapes. The women hostages released by Hamas had a chance for a few brief words before being taken into Israeli custody, and never mentioned being raped.

Azadeh Moaveni concludes that, while some rapes by Hamas indisputably occurred, not all the rapes reported by Israel were real. She read the Grayzone pieces about the rapes by Max Blumenthal, but dismissed him as a fringe reporter, and noted that none of the mainstream media accept any of his work. She said that Bret Stephens of the New York Times said that Blumenthal is an example of ‘rape denialism’ by a ‘useful idiot’.

Although, if they bothered reading Max Blumenthal...

But why would they do that, when they've got a great story to write about the horrible Hamas atrocities reported to them by Israel (who do not allow them to verify any of those atrocities, but no need, the mainstream media know that Israelis cannot tell a lie).

Friday, April 26, 2024

More about the Ukraine and the Ghaza

I grew up with my teachers telling me that humans were divided into 5 races, in alphabetical order: Black, Brown, Red, White, and Yellow.

As I wrote before, I no longer believe that.

But the Nazis said the Europeans, all white, were divided into three races: Aryan, Slav, and Jew. The book, My Struggle, written in the 1920s (mostly, it got revised until his death by suicide) by the man elected Chancellor of Germany in 1933, only has one or two paragraphs about the Slavs, saying they must all be killed for Lebensraum. Most of the book is about how the author started thinking the Jews were just different, but (he wrote) he learned they were evil and all of Europe must be Judenfrei. I believe he wanted to achieve that by deporting all the Jews, but the US and UK both said that Jews are a problem, and European Jews are a European problem, so they prohibited Europe from deporting their Jews to afflict any other part of the world. After WWII started in 1940, the first thing the Nazis did was cut food to the Jews in Concentration Camps, and, as they starved, their immune systems weakened and they began developing infectious diseases and spreading them to the people working in the Concentration Camps, so the Nazis decided to kill them all and burn the bodies, the Final Solution.

No one knows exactly how many Jews the Nazis killed, since they tried to keep the Death Camps secret, but the standard guess is 6 million. No one (except the Slavs) cares how many Slavs the Nazis killed, but at least 26 million. Canada recently honoured a member of the Waffen SS for killing Slavs during WWII.

After the war, the US announced that all the Jews in Western Europe must be sent to Palestine, a land that was only for Jews. The US/UK understanding was that the Arabs are all Bedouin, with no permanent homes, they just wander, following their camels and goats from one grazing place in the desert to another grazing place when the current one is completely eaten, and the Arabs all live in tents, and they could wander in other Arab lands, anyplace except Palestine. The fact that Palestine is in the Fertile Crescent, so the Palestinians had permanent homes in which they wanted to remain was not known to the Americans, nor did they care. Israel became a very nice, unsinkable aircraft carrier for the US, from which they could dominate Arabia and control the oil and Palestinians were easily expendable. Expending the Palestinians has continued since 1948 by Israelis with full US/UK/European support.


Meanwhile, there was a story from the 1990s: "I was born in Austria. I went to school in Poland. I got my first job in the Soviet Union. And I retired in the Ukraine."

"You must have done a lot of travelling."

"I never left the village where I was born."

Before the 18th century, the Russian Empire ended at the Dnieper River. West of the Dnieper River was Poland, which was in a political mess in the 18th century so Russia annexed part, a total of about 60% of what had been the Commonwealth of Poland and Lithuania (the other 40% was split between the Austrian and Hungarian Empire and Prussia). After WWI, the victorious UK and France redrew all the boundary lines of Europe, reforming Poland (Lithuania became the three Baltic countries, since they neither liked Poland nor each other) and creating lots of new states like Yugoslavia and Czechoslovakia.

Then, after WWII, Stalin took back all that had been part of the Russian Empire plus some of what had been Austria and all of East Prussia. Some of this became the Soviet Socialist Republic of the Ukraine. But to what had been the Ukraine, Lenin, Stalin, and Khrushchev added parts of the Soviet Socialist Republic of Russia. The idea was to get a mixture of Ukrainians and Russians who didn't much care for each other and so could not unify and try to rebel against the USSR.

The Ukraine that Lenin, Stalin, and Khrushchev created consisted of people who considered themselves Aryans, Slavs, and Jews, which meant they couldn't agree on much. Then, in 2014, the US came in and gave money and weapons to the Aryans and said, 'You can kill all the Slavs for Lebensraum, but if you touch a Jew, we'll kill you.' Victoria Nuland named an Aryan as President of the Ukraine (the previous president, presumably a Slav, had to flee), and the Aryans, having all the money and weapons, started killing off the Slavs for Lebensraum. The new president also said that the Russians, who had been squatting on the naval bases in the Crimea, would be evicted and those naval bases returned to their rightful owner: NATO.

So, for starters, Putin declared that Crimea, transferred by Khrushchev from the Socialist Soviet Republic of Russia to the Soviet Socialist Republic of the Ukraine in 1954, was returning to Russia. A small military force entered the Crimea, and the entire Crimean military surrendered without a shot being fired. It is not clear why NATO allowed Russia to do this, other than the fact that Russia have more nukes than all of NATO, but NATO let this go, promising the Ukraine that they'd eventually get all of the Crimea back, just be patient.

The Constitution of Russia, which consists of more of the old USSR than any other country, says that Russia must protect ethnic Russians in the former USSR. So Putin demanded and got the Minsk Agreement, signed by the Ukraine, Germany, and France, which said the Ukraine would respect ethnic Russians in the Donbass. In the Donbass, ethnic Russians could speak Russian and practice the Russian Orthodox religion, and the Donbass would remain part of the Ukraine. Putin agreed that Slavs could be killed off in the rest of the Ukraine, but not in the Donbass. Merkel and Holland, Chancellor of Germany and President of France in 2014, both said they signed the Minsk agreements to trick Russia into leaving the Donbass alone while the Ukrainian military was reorganised and given advanced arms. Russian officers were fired and replaced with Aryan officers, and NATO trainers upgraded the fighting skills of the Ukrainian military.

With Russia complaining that the Ukraine was run by Nazis, the US had an 'election' and named a Jewish actor named Zelensky as the new 'president'. Zelensky knows how to follow the scripts the US give him, and the US can say that no Nazi would ever accept a Jewish president. The killing of Slavs would continue, but the Jews in the Ukraine would be safe.

By 2021, it was clear that the Ukrainian military was trying to kill off all the ethnic Russians in the Donbass, and in December Putin sent letters to the US and NATO in Europe asking them to please stop the Ukraine from killing ethnic Russians. The US and NATO said that, if the Ukraine wanted to kill off all the ethnic Russians and join NATO and have nuclear NATO bases pointed at Moscow so close they could hit Moscow before Moscow could respond, the Ukraine and NATO had every right to do this. So in 2022, Russia invaded the Ukraine.

Under the Russian Constitution, this was mandatory. Under NATO law, this was an egregious violation.

The Western media have been saying that the Ukrainians, with NATO weapons, destroyed the entire Russian military in a few weeks, so Putin drafted young boys and old men to continue his stupid and evil idea of rebuilding the USSR, then the Warsaw Pact, and then march West and take the rest of Europe. Fortunately, draft after draft of Russians were all killed, since NATO weapons have twice the range and better accuracy than the weapons available to the Russians, which are all old Soviet and even Czarist weapons. The Ukraine have only lost about 31,000 soldiers, and are ready, willing, and able to destroy anything and everything Russia send against them.

The Western press note that the evil, appeasement Congress of 2023 and early 2024 cut off the supply of materiel for the Ukrainian military and they suffered some minor setbacks, but, fortunately, the Congress finally did the right thing and sent both the Ukraine money to kill off the Russian invaders in the Ukraine and Israel money to kill off the 2.3 million terrorists in the Ghaza.

Fox News figure the Ukraine is pretty much worthless, so why are the US wasting $61 billion trying to take it all back from Russia, but cheer that the US are now supporting Israel's killing off all 2.3 million terrorists in the Ghaza.

The rest of the mainstream Western media, e.g., CNN, BBC, France24, etc., etc., all agree that Putin was trying to reform the old USSR, then the Warsaw Pact, then take the rest of Europe, so it's great that the Congress gave the Ukrainians the money they need to finish the defeat of Russia, who are almost out of troops given their massive losses. And all the dying on the anti-Russian side has been by Ukrainians, not a single US soldier has been killed in the Ukraine, and Russia are very near total defeat and unconditional surrender, and after that defeat, Russia will be broken up into 30 or more small, unarmed statelets with all the oil and gas returned to their rightful owners, US oiligarchs.

But the rest of the Western media want Israel to try to avoid killing the Ghazan women and children, and only kill Hamas terrorists. They admit that, until Hamas release all the Israeli hostages, the killing must continue, so really, all the dead women and children are the fault of Hamas, not the US/NATO/Israel.

The fact that none of the Western media are telling the slightest hint of the truth is something that one can now discover on TikTok, so the US plan to destroy TikTok ASAP.

There are a few places (TikTok, where one can find that Airman Jack Teixeira posted a TS/SCI/NOFORN document that Ukrainian losses have been at least 10 times more than Russian losses, and Russian weapons are more advanced than NATO weapons, but no decent Western person would read a TS/SCI/NOFORN document without proper authorisation, so continue reading the Western media that Russia are very close to complete defeat, and the Israelis have only killed terrorists in Ghaza, all those women and children deaths are either Hamas lies or Hamas victims.

Monday, April 22, 2024

Ghaza: History and Future?

 It is said that not all Jews are Zionists, which is clearly correct, and not all Zionists are Jews, which depends on whose definition of 'Zionist' one uses. Some Jews believe all Jews should have Israel where there used to be a British colony called Palestine, and these are clearly Zionists. Far more Christians than Jews believe that all Jews must be in what used to be the British colony of Palestine, but Wikipedia says they are properly called 'Restorationists' because they want to restore all the Jews back to the land G_d gave to Abraham according to the Torah; however, many now call all those a Zionist who figure that what used to be the British colony of Palestine is for Jews, and all Jews should be in Palestine, whether the person is Jewish or goy.

It was in 1843 that the Anglican clergyman Rev. Keith wrote that all the Jews in the UK must go to Palestine, 'A land without a people for a people without a land.' Most British Anglicans accepted this, because every Jew is a deicide, but they have the 'mark of Cain,' so they must not be allowed to remain in the UK but they cannot be killed, so all must be deported back to Palestine. But most UK Jews did not accept this until the end of the 19th century.

In the late 19th century, Herzl, a Serbian Jew who had moved to Bohemia, coined the term Zionism, which, at first, meant that, because of European antisemitism, Jews must have a homeland somewhere, anywhere, where they would be safe, but, eventually, Herzl decided that place must be in the Ottoman vilayet of Syria, and he presented this idea at a conference in Switzerland in 1897.

After the Ottomans lost WWI, much of what had been the Ottoman Empire was chopped up by the UK and France, with Ottoman Syria divided by Sykes and Picot into regions with a mixture of Sunni Arabs, Shia Arabs, and Kurds, who all disliked each other, making it easy to run the colony since the inhabitants hated each other more than they hated the European Imperialists. Majority Sunni colonies had Shia governments installed, and majority Shia colonies had Sunni governments (Kurds were split among so many different colonies, plus Turkey, that there were no Kurdish majority colonies.)

The UK created one colony called Palestine, inhabited mostly by Palestinians, a word now banned in the US where they must be called either Arabs or terrorists, and then tried to get all the UK Jews to go there, so the colony would be a mixture of Palestinians and Jews who would spend more time fighting each other than fighting the British Imperialists. Sadly, the UK Jews didn't get the message and did things like blowing up the hotel where the senior British Imperial officers of British Palestine were staying.

The British also said that Palestine was only for British Jews and would not allow Russian Jews fearing pogroms to enter. Nor did they allow Jews to enter after the Nazis said that all of Europe must be Judenfrei, but at first, the Nazis wanted to deport all the Jews, not kill them. However, the US and UK said that Jews are a big problem, but European Jews are a European problem and Europe must not be allowed to inflict European problems on any other part of the world. So the Nazis came up with their Final Solution in 1940, after trying unsuccessfully to get the Jews to leave from 1933 until 1940, since the UK and US made it impossible for European Jews to leave Europe.

After Germany lost WWII, the US announced that all the Jews in Western Europe must be sent to Palestine. No choice, all the surviving Jews had to go. Of course, quite a few Jews were killed from 1940 to 1945, but no one is sure how many (the most common estimate is six million). And, of course, if the UK and US had let them leave, the Nazis would have preferred to deport the Jews rather than kill them.

So the Jews in Western Europe who had survived the Holocaust ended up in Palestine, later Israel, and the US figure it would be best if a) Israel was 100% Jewish; and b) 100% of the world's Jews were in Israel, and the UK agreed. Also much of Europe plus the UK are all US neocolonies, so whatever the US want, the chief executives of the European states (and the UK), handpicked by the US elite, always agree to do.

The Jews were heavily armed by the US, UK, and France (for starters) and managed to defeat the Arabs easily (many Arab states tried to keep Palestine as a primarily Arab state, split among Syria, Jordan, and Egypt, but their militaries were very poorly armed in comparison with the European Jews).

Then, of course, many Arab states made their Jewish citizens unwelcome, so they went to Israel.

And, finally, after the breakup of the USSR, which prohibited emigration, many Soviet Jews went to Israel since the successor states of the USSR were happy to see them leave.

And, again, the US and other Zionists want all the Jews to go to Israel and all the goyim to leave Israel, since they believe this will cause Jesus to return.

So, in the Western media, everyone in Ghaza is a terrorist. There are no Palestinians in Israel, only terrorists. Children are taught from birth that their duty is to kill every Jew in the world, starting with every Jew in Israel. Toddlers who cannot walk crawl with knives or small pistols, looking for Jews to kill. Schoolbooks for the terrorist children in Ghaza (and the West Bank) don't waste time on maths or science or history, they only teach the students that it is their duty to kill every Jew. Not true, of course, maybe not even believed by Israelis, but it's still a good Israeli talking point for why every Ghazan who won't leave voluntarily must be killed. And one hears this reiterated incessantly on Fox.

So Israel have not killed a single innocent in Ghaza, the claim that Israel killed 35,000, mostly women and children, is just a lie by Hamas: everyone killed by Israel was a terrorist, since only terrorists live in the Ghaza. And one can hear this reiterated by Fox and many other Western media outlets on a daily basis.

Israel did not destroy a single hospital in Ghaza, because Hamas did not allow any hospitals in Ghaza, all were military bases disguised as hospitals from which Hamas fired rockets to kill Jews. And this is the only  version one gets on Fox, and one often gets this version on other Western media channels.

In real life, Israel have killed at least 35,000, mostly women and children, and destroyed most of the hospitals, killing medical staff and patients, but it's illegal to write or broadcast this in the Western media.

Saturday, April 13, 2024

Western Media on Ukraine and Ghaza


In the Western Media, the Ukraine are winning. The New York Times ran a letter from the Republican Senator J. D. Vance, saying the Ukraine are losing and the US are doing the Ukrainians a disservice by sending them $billions they use to send their men to die with no chance of winning. Almost all of the letters by subscribers in response to the Senator's letter denounced the Senator as a danger to democracy: the Ukraine are winning, but they will lose unless the US keep sending $100s of billions every year, and if the Ukraine lose, this will mean the US will have to go to war with Russia. Now the US are only funding the war, the Ukrainians are doing all the work. Some have died, of course, as happens in war, but not too many. NATO weapons have twice the range and much greater accuracy than Russian weapons, so the Ukrainians have been able to destroy the entire Russian military invading force, losing only a small fraction as many as the Russians, about 31,000 Ukrainians have died, compared to more than 300,000 Russians. Of course, Putin is drafting more young Russians to be forcibly shipped to the Ukraine to die, so the US must keep supporting the Ukraine with weapons and ammunition, and anyway, all the money ends up back in the US with our defence industry workers. If we stop the money, the Ukraine will lose, Putin will send the Red Army to attack the NATO countries in Europe, and Americans will have to go to Europe and do the dying instead of Ukrainians.

Hence, according to the New York Times and the overwhelming majority of their readers, the US Congress must do the right thing and get another $60 billion in matériel to the Ukraine ASAP. 

New York Times readers believe the New York Times coverage of the war in the Ukraine, so they're sure the Ukrainians are winning, Russia are on the brink of total defeat and the breakup of Russia from one large, militaristic threat to the US into 32 small countries, all disarmed and absolutely no threat. So all that money going to the Ukraine (well, not really money to the Ukraine, mostly matériel) is saving a lot of US lives (and providing a lot of well-paying jobs for Americans). The fact that the New York Times coverage of the war in the Ukraine has no relation to reality is something the Senator tried to tell them, but almost all the New York Times readers reject reality in favour of the New York Times depiction of what is happening in the Ukraine.



Lionel is a newscaster who goes just by "Lionel". He is  an antiZionist Jew, but he notes that he has many Zionist friends who used to watch MSNBC but now watch Fox. MSNBC isn't sure about what is happening in the Ghaza, and that upsets the staunch Zionists. They are liberals in most things and used to hate Fox, but now their Zionism trumps everything else.

Fox say that the starvation in Ghaza has nothing to do with Israel: Israel allow huge amounts of food into Ghaza, but Hamas take it all then sell most of it and use the money to buy weapons and leave the civilians to starve. Hamas have converted all the hospitals in the Ghaza into military bases, shooting rockets into Israel and killing Jews, since every single person in the Ghaza is taught from infancy to be a rabid antiSemite who must kill every last Jew. The Ghazan schoolbooks all teach that the only purpose in life for Palestinians is to kill as many Jews as they can. Mosques and churches are used as covers for Hamas military bases. Israel only targets Hamas terrorists, but the Hamas  terrorists keep themselves surrounded by human shields as they are shooting rockets into Israel and killing Jews, so, to protect the innocent Jews in Israel, the Israeli Occupation Force (IOF) have no choice but to bomb the rocket-launching facilities, which kills a few of the human shields Hamas keep inside the facility, but this is the only way the IOF can protect the innocent Jews living in Israel. Armies talk about collateral damage, the percentage of innocent civilians killed by their war against the enemy military. For the US, this is 70%. When the US bomb and kill, 70% were innocent civilians. For the IOF, this number is just 10%, so when the IOF kill, 90% of them were Hamas terrorists and only 10% were innocent civilians. This is the lowest amount of collateral damage of any military anywhere.

Fox note that the number of dead Ghazans is given by Hamas, who lie, so do not believe any of the numbers of dead Ghazans you read in the left-wing antiSemitic press. Do not believe that the IOF have killed more than 15,000 children. They consider everyone 19 years old or younger to be innocent children, when Hamas have 5 year old terrorists, armed and doing all they can to kill Jews, including the IOF soldiers trying to bring peace to Ghaza. We have no idea how many have actually been killed in Ghaza, since we have no independent sources other than Hamas, but Israel and Fox agree that almost all were Hamas terrorists, very few were innocent civilians. 

Fox say President Biden is a rabid antiSemite since he had the US abstain when the Security Council voted that Israel must give Hamas a ceasefire, allowing them to kill more Jews when the IOF is forced to stop pursuing the murderous Hamas terrorists firing rockets at Israel, so please elect someone who is not an antiSemite in November. The fact that Biden said the Security Council resolution was nonbinding wasn't enough, the US should have had the Security Council vote that the UN is behind Israel and supports the brave IOF attempt to protect Israel from the murderous antiSemites in Ghaza.

Even the Israeli press isn't as rabidly antiGhazan as Fox.

Other US news channels are all pro-Israel, but not nearly as much as Fox, and, according to Lionel, the Zionist Jews want 110% pro-Israel news coverage, so they watch Fox. Actually, one can toss in the Christian Zionists, who are also inclined to accept the Fox version of what is happening, but most of the Zionists Lionel knows are Jewish. The actual religion of Zionists is mostly Christian, not Jewish, because there are a lot more Christians than Jews, and some Christians have been preaching Zionism for at least 200 years that we have records of, starting with the British Rev. Keith who wrote in the early 19th century that the UK should send all the British Jews to Palestine, "A land without a people for a people without a land." (I figure, if he were still around, the Rev. Keith would watch Fox along with the BBC.)

The Fox version of the Israeli war on Ghaza has absolutely no connection to reality, but reality is not something the rabid Zionist, Jewish or Christian, wants to see or hear.

Thursday, April 11, 2024

Ukraine and Ghaza

Airman Jack Teixeira was sentenced to 16 year in gaol for putting some Top Secret information in an Internet Room for his friends, one of whom posted it publicly. One of the documents says the Russians have lost 10 times as many soldiers as the Ukrainians, and have lost more than 90% of their men and more than 80% of their materiel, and should soon be defeated. Another says the Ukraine have lost 10 times as many men and 10 times as much materiel as Russia and should soon be defeated. Tucker Carlson was fired for saying we must believe the second version, that the Ukraine are losing. All the Western media still reiterate that the Russians are already defeated, their army men and materiel destroyed, and Russia will very soon collapse so that NATO can break Russia up into 10 or 20 small states with 110% of all their energy owned by American oiligarchs, as well that energy should be. 

But independent sources say the other report is the accurate one: Russia have destroyed the Ukrainian/NATO military, with most of the Ukrainian soldiers dead and most of their materiel destroyed. Russia will take all the Slavic parts of the Ukraine and leave the subsequently impoverished Aryan parts for the West to subsidise. While every Western media source I can find says this is false, that the Russians are losing badly, will soon be required to surrender unconditionally, all the non-Western media support this version of reality, and the objective reports seem to indicate that the Russian version is the accurate one: so it is likely Russia will definitely win the Donbas and probably all that is littoral Ukrainian.


Israel have not achieved their main objective in the Ghaza: a total military defeat of Hamas. But it looks like famine will do the job the Israeli Occupation Force (IOF) could not, and kill off just about all the Philistines in the Ghaza, after which the Ghaza can return to full Israeli control of all the oil and gas and transportation facilities. Plus, Israel want the Ghaza as a new maritime port to challenge the Suez in Egypt, and this could happen fairly quickly once the Ghaza is rid of Philistines.


Eid Mubarak to all those who celebrate Eid.