Sunday, May 2, 2021

Out of Afghanistan?

After the US was attacked on 9/11, some accused Saudi Arabia of having a part in the attack. The CIA website, had a page with the names and nationalities of the 19 hijackers. That page has since been moved to 911myths as well it should. The page lists 15 of the hijackers as Saudis, but that was before the attack was properly investigated. The first version, before it was properly massaged into the proper shape, was that 19 Arabs, 15 of them Saudis, met in the Arabian Peninsula, decided to destroy the World Trade Center, flew to Berlin, then London, then the US where four of them took jet passenger airliner flying training in Florida, then, on 9/11/2001 (in US date notation) they hijacked four aeroplanes. The hijacking relied on the hijacking protocol from before 9/11: do whatever the hijackers demand, get the planes safely on the ground, and then let the police deal with the hijackers. So it proved easy to hijack the four planes, and the hijackers then used two of them to destroy the World Trade Center, one to damage the Pentagon, and one crashed when the passengers tried to take control of the plane from the hijackers. Just because we have the records from the flight passenger lists, from their passports, from the flight training schools in Florida is irrelevant, of course, that is not how the US investigates major crimes, it uses much more sophisticated methods.

Ignoring such useless distractions as facts, proof, and evidence, Bush, Jr immediately announced that the attack was planned in Afghanistan, and the main hijackers were members of the Taliban, so the US troops went into Afghanistan in October, 2001. The main perpetrator of 9/11 was said to be Osama bin Laden, who was a) a senior member of the Taliban or b) someone protected by the Taliban or c) someone whose main base was in Afghanistan and who was closely allied with the Taliban or d) maybe something else. What, exactly, was, of course, irrelevant. Afghanistan was responsible for 9/11. Of course, Osama was never found in Afghanistan, but no matter. Osama did say that the US World Trade Center housed many murderers who must be killed. How, exactly, they must be killed he did not say, but bombs were planted in the World Trade Center in 1993, killing six people and injuring thousands, and the plotting to destroy the World Trade Center continued until it was destroyed, and it was all Osama's doing. Of course, many Imams in Saudi gave their Friday khutbahs saying that the World Trade Center must be destroyed, but that does not change the fact that Afghanistan was responsible. Those khutbahs were based on facts that would not be revealed to the world until after 9/11/2001, when the motivation for 9/11 appeared in the book Confessions of an Economic Hit Man by John Perkins, published in 2004. He explained how he convinced Indonesia to accept a predatory loan for a construction project that was supposed to pay for itself, with returns more than enough to service the loan. Only the project returned nothing, and the loan was unforgivable sovereign debt, so Indonesia had to repay. Subsistence farmland was converted into cash crops, and the former farmers starved to death. Mines were dug and the waste dumped in the drinking water and many more died from having no potable water. So the Imams and Osama all said the people in the World Trade Center had murdered more than 1 billion Muslims and must be killed. As Perkins made clear, there is no evidence that any of the people who arranged for the economic hit men to go making those predatory loans worked in the World Trade Center, but Osama and the Imams were still convinced.

The total number killed by predatory loans is in the millions, not a billion, and included only a small percentage of Muslims. John Perkins and the other Economic Hit Men foisted those predatory loans off on Latin America, Asia, and Africa, so most of those who died were not Muslim but Christians, Buddhists, & etc., but still, those Saudi Imams and Osama blamed the World Trade Center for murdering Muslims, they knew what those economic hit men had been doing.

So obviously, Osama was entirely to blame (well, plus the many who followed him, but he was still the main one, those Saudi Imams who said the same things have been found blameless by the US courts, the best legal system in the entire world).

Obama asked actors to pose as physicians and say they were giving free vaccines to get Pakistanis to let them investigate homes in Pakistan looking for (and finding) Osama. Since then, many Pakistanis are very reluctant to take vaccines, but this trifle does not detract from Obama's managing to kill the person who was entirely responsible, with hundreds or maybe thousands of others, for the 9/11 attack on the US. Nor does it reduce Afghanistan's guilt. They were entirely responsible for 9/11 (with many other countries) and had to be punished, and punished severely.

Most commentators agree that Afghanistan remains a big problem. They were entirely responsible for 9/11, and, as soon as the US pulls out, they're sure to do it again. But Biden says the US has been in Afghanistan too long, even though it was the presence of the US in Afghanistan that prevented the terrorists from committing another 9/11.

The fact that none of the 19 named as hijackers had ever been anywhere near Afghanistan, as proven by their passports that were scanned in full and recorded when they entered the US does not reduce Afghanistan's guilt. Osama was there. Briefly, but he was there. So it is clearly necessary for US troops to remain to keep America safe, and Biden is letting the US guard down by withdrawing.

Biden has promised that the troops will not foolishly return to the US, they'll be relocated to other bases in the area, and their intelligence will direct the daily drone strikes on Afghanistan run from the US. Those strikes will kill the many, many terrorists still there, terrorists who include many infants and great-grandmothers.

So the US will sort-of, kind-of be 'out of Afghanistan' but at least the drone strikes will continue, and surveillance of Afghanistan will continue from bases near Afghanistan.

But still, all the experts say that Afghanistan does nothing but plot attacks on the US like 9/11, and only the presence of US troops ever since 9/11 has prevented a repeat, so, even with the daily drone strikes and constant intense surveillance, Afghanistan is sure to do another 9/11 if US troops do not remain to prevent it.

Tuesday, April 13, 2021

JCPOA continues netherwards

 St Joe keeps hoping to finish what Obama started: Iran agrees to full inspections that verify no WMD, then St Biden can order the USAF to take out all the Ayatollahs and hand Iran over to a decent, Democratic* government instead of their current Autocratic** government.

Iran includes some Kurds, who are Sunni and hate Persians and having their old Ottoman Vilayet broken up into bits that are in Iran, Iraq, Turkey, and Syria, and also some Arabs who were on the wrong side of the Shatt al-Arab (as it is known to the Arabs) or the Arvand Rood (as it is known to the Persians) when the Ottomans and the Persians agreed to the current boundaries, and who also hate Persians, and they could form a new, Persian-free government for Iran that would be acceptable to the US.

Only the Persians are refusing to cooperate. They must agree to 110% of US terms FIRST, then, once the US is sure that they don't have any WMD, regime change.

The Persians want an end to all sanctions before they stop 60% enrichment with no inspections.

It should be noted that the reunification of Korea was stopped in 1951 because General MacArthur said he could only defeat the PLA with nukes, and Truman said, 'The USSR has MAD, you idiot. You're fired.'  

Then (40 years later) the USSR collapsed, Kim II feared regime change was back on the table, and set off an explosion he said was a nuke (seismic data not clear if it was or wasn't).

Later, Kim III set off some explosions that could have been nothing but nukes, so he has 'em, and regime change in the DPRK must remain on hold a while longer.

And Iran is getting close to being able to set off an ambiguous explosion and say 'It's a nuke, baby, it's a nuke!' 

The Persians do not seem inclined to stop all production of highly enriched uranium and allow inspectors while the US still has full sanctions, so it's looking like St Joe won't be able to get Iran to disarm completely with UN inspections so the US can easily force regime change, and the JCPOA doesn't seem likely to be resurrected. It ain't like Lazarus.

Added to which, someone (guess who) set off an explosion in an Iranian facility that might be capable of producing bomb-grade enriched uranium, which does not incline Iran to tranquility.

Net: no JCPOA for the foreseeable future!


*Democratic - Defn. A form of government that always does whatever the US tells them to do.

**Autocratic - Defn. Any form of government that does not do whatever the US tells them to do.

Saturday, April 10, 2021


 Before Trump, every American president had worked for his party since he was a teenager. One had to go to all the party meetings and get to know the party leadership (it helped if your parents were senior members of the Party and put you in for a future leader). You passed out leaflets, asked people if you could put up signs for your party in their yard, and generally worked for the party. If the leadership liked you, they put you up for local, then statewide, then governor or Congresscritter. And finally, for a very few of a very few, they got put up as a presidential candidate.

But the Republicans lost to Obama twice and decided to let the rank and file vote on the nominee, and they got Trump who could not possibly win. And then he won. And he had no idea. 

Every president, the day he becomes President Elect, should hand in 4,000 names of people who have ample qualifications and who will have his back. Trump did not know anyone qualified, took a list of names from some Republican 'friends' and nominated 4,000 #NeverTrumps who did nothing but try to get rid of him. So Trump accomplished very little. Obama built far more wall, deported far more Hispanics, and did much more to support the fossil fuel industry, all while saying he was against a Wall, never deported a single Hispanic, and was doing all he could to stop climate change. But what Obama said sounded good.

Trump said the US needed a Wall that would make that thing in China look like a picket fence, that we needed to deport every last Hispanic, that we must support fossil fuels since Climate Change is a hoax. Everything Trump said sounded terrible, but Trump didn't really do much, unlike his predecessors, hypocrites who said all the right things and did all the wrong things.

Friday, February 12, 2021

Another heinous offence by the PRC

 For starters, everyone knows that the US and UK are the only sources of TRVTH in the world. We know that the UK brought the savages modern medicine and modern agriculture, eliminating death from cold and disease in the Native Americans when they supplied them with used blankets, and eliminating famine, as they did in the Raj and in all their concessions in China. We know this because US and UK writers like Kipling told us so, and we know we can believe them. We know the US and UK saved the world from Saddam's and Qaddafi's nukes, which were ready to destroy the world before the US and UK intervened and transformed Iraq and Libya from brutal, impoverished dictatorships and state sponsors of terror into democratic, peaceful and prosperous democracies, again because the always reliable US and UK reporters told us so. Even the most rabid anti-US/UK reporters have to admit that the US/UK armed interventions in Iraq and Libya completely eliminated all reliable electricity and clean water for everyone except the US/UK supervisors and their employees, two things that every good Arab abhors as evil and harmful. And in Libya, everyone knows that Qaddafi destroyed the traditional Libyan economy when he closed all the slave souks, but the US and UK have ensured that they are now once again functioning, and have returned to their position as the mainstay of the Libyan economy after the US/UK eliminated the horrible Qaddafi, who had created an illegal economy based entirely on stealing the oil that rightfully belongs to the US/UK and France.

More recently, we learned that the UK government had used the safest possible cladding on the Grenfell Tower, and the fire was caused by the horrible, unsafe practices of the immigrants who were living there, and this was in every reliable UK newspaper and on the BBC, so no reasonable person can possibly doubt that it is true.

So now, in the interest of ensuring that only the TRVTH is broadcast in the UK, the UK government was forced to ban the lying PRC TV station, CGTN, from broadcasting in the UK. After which, the evil PRC banned the always truthful BBC from broadcasting in the PRC because they were telling the truth about the PRC persecution, rape, murder and incarceration in Concentration Camps, Camps that make those of the Germans in WWII seem like luxury resorts, of all the Muslims in Xinjiang.

We know the BBC is telling the truth because they have at least half a dozen reliable witnesses, and we know those witnesses must be reliable because they are employed by the CIA and MI6, who only pay for the TRVTH. And those witnesses say they have gone all over Xinjiang, have personally seen those Concentration Camps, and have spoken to hundreds of Muslims, including many women to said they were repeatedly raped by the entire PRC army units assigned to impose the evil PRC policies on the poor, enslaved Muslims in Xinjiang.

The fact that the PRC has absolutely no record of any of those witnesses ever having been in the PRC, either as citizens, since there is no record of any of them being citizens, nor any record of any of them ever having received a visa, cannot be trusted, even though the PRC has a rather well regarded reputation of keeping meticulous records. The fact that the PRC has offered visas to anyone who wants to come to Xinjiang and said they were free to go all over Xinjiang and search wherever they like for any raped Muslim women or Concentration Camps is an obvious trap, since all those who have written the TRVTH about those Concentration Camps, Camps that they were able to see very clearly from their offices in Beijing and Shanghai, from both of which Xinjiang and its Concentration Camps are clearly visible, are all banned, and only those who have, by failing to report on those rapes and Concentration Camps, proved they are completely blind, are allowed to go to Xinjiang and look and report.

We know the CIA and MI6 have never once told a single misstatement, every single thing they have ever said is provably true, for one can ask them, and, since they reiterate that they always tell the TRVTH, their assurances cannot be doubted.

So we now know that the PRC bans all truth in the PRC, and tried to spread their lies in the UK, but the UK government stopped them, for which everyone in the UK must be eternally grateful.

Saturday, February 6, 2021

US Elections

 At my age, I figured I would have seen it all. Instead, I ain't seen none of what we're seeing these days.

US elections are complicated. Every state does things differently, but the national elections generally suffer the exact same complications year after year. But then came 2016 and 2020.

When the 13 Colonies were Colonies, communication with the UK took months, so there had to be a local government subordinate to the UK, where (back then) the monarch was Head of State, and so the ultimate ruler of the Colonies, but the 13 local governments ran most things. And after those who wanted Independence forced those who wanted to remain British subjects up to Canada and forced the Brits out, the 13 Colonies had some problems with a union. The agricultural colonies hated being mercantile colonies, forced to sell all their raw materials to the UK at below world market prices and forced to buy all manufactured goods from the UK at above world market prices, and they could see the large, industrial states making them mercantile colonies of the US industrial states, so the agricultural states, all of which had tiny populations with respect to the industrial states, wanted a veto, and they got two.

Every state got representatives in the House in proportion to its population, but every state got 2 Senators, no matter how small its population. So the House always voted with the industrial states, and the Senate with the agricultural states.

Every white landowner could vote, but the large industrialists and plantation owners didn't trust the yeomen farmers, so they set up the presidential election so the yeomen had to elect members of the elite, who would then vote for President. And each state was to send one member of its elite for every Representative and every Senator to vote for President. The elections in November elect Electors, not the president. I knew this, but not the grimy details. The Electors vote on 14 December. But that vote is not necessarily final, it must be certified by the new Congress on 6 January. Once certified, the person elected president is President-Elect, and nothing and nobody can change that. The Congress can only decertify the 14 December vote by a 2/3 majority in both houses, which has never happened.

Now, most adult American citizens are allowed to vote for Electors (but most do not bother), and the Electors all run on a platform of, 'If elected, I will vote for Candidate <whomever>!' Most Americans figure they're voting for the President, even though they are not, exactly, but close.

Every election, there are Election Commissions at every polling place, in every County (not all states have Counties, some have Parishes, and some have other divisions, but whatever they're called, all have Election Commissions). And every State has an Election Commission. The Commission decisions on vote count is final, that is the legal vote count. So, before 2020, no presidential candidate ever challenged the election result from November, because they knew they could not.

But every election, we snickered. The Election Commissions, by law, must be exactly ½ Democrat and ½ Republican, so if the majority agrees on the eligible and ineligible voters, that must be correct. Neither Republicans nor Democrats would accept ineligible voters from the other party, or reject eligible voters from their own party, so if all agree, it must be accurate. But in some (no idea how many) solid Republican states, the 'Democrats' on the Committees were really Republicans who agreed to block Democrats and let in Republicans whose signatures didn't match their signatures from when they Registered to Vote, and in solid Democrat states, the opposite, and we were sure that some of the Commissions were crooked, but their final vote counts were still final. We had jokes about dead people voting, people allowed to vote early and often. Always. Every election. But everyone knew there was no way to challenge the Election Commission final vote counts, so we accepted the result announced the night of the November election, or early the next morning.

But then, before 2016, the Democrat National Committee (DNC) and the Republican National Committee (RNC) picked who could run in the primaries. When I was a boy, they picked the candidate, but now we have primaries, but the DNC and RNC decide who can run, and usually it is someone who started as a teenager trying to become president, meeting and greeting the Party Leaders, learning how the US government works.

But then in 2016, a Reality TV star was allowed to buy his way in to the primaries, and then he started winning the plurality of the votes, since he had much better name recognition than any of the other primary candidates. And he became the Candidate, even as the RNC was aghast, and the DNC was cheering since he couldn't possibly win.

And then he won all the flyover states, 30 states, most with very small populations, so the DNC candidate had far more votes, but Trump had far more Electors.

Trump was the most incompetent president I had ever seen. He knew absolutely nothing about the job and how to do it. He gave orders that were seldom followed, and he had no idea how to get anything done. And he was vehemently hated by every Democrat plus the establishment Republicans. Shortly after the 6 Jan deadline, Obama announced that the Russians had hacked 21 states. Later, they said they didn't know if the Russians had changed the votes, but 'hacked' means they changed the votes (they changed the definition of 'hacked' to mean read-only access to the publicly available data of who won, but getting read-only access to public data is not what the word 'hacked' is supposed to mean). So Obama's statement meant Trump did not win 30 states, but only 9 (a statement later watered down to, 'We don't know what the Russian did, we only know they hacked 21 states, and maybe they never changed a single vote, or maybe they single-handedly stole the election, but all proof is Top Secret, so no patriotic American would ever want to see any of it).

For four years, the DNC said the Russians stole the election from St Hillary.

Then, in 2020, Trump lost, but he had no idea how these things work. No candidate had ever challenged an election result before, because they knew it could not be done. Members of the Commissions often challenged the result, because only members of the commissions are allowed to challenge the vote (and when Democrats on the Florida Election Commission challenged the vote, the case went to the Supreme Court, where the 5 Republicans said Bush, Jr won and the 4 Democrats said Gore won.)

But Trump did not understand, and tried to get the states to change Electors, tried to get the Electors to change their votes, and tried to get the Congress to decertify the election on 6 January.

And the US establishment media said it was irrefutably proven that the 2020 election was the very first election where the result was 100% accurate, the final vote count was exactly correct, it was absolutely certain that the count was not off by even 1 vote. The US media claim was ridiculous. The counts are always off, but, if no one on any Election Commission raises a challenge, we have absolutely no idea how many of the Commissions are corrupt or incompetent.

So I had never before seen the press saying the final vote count was perfect,  nor had I ever seen a presidential candidate who had no idea how things work and who tried to challenge the election result.

But in any case, we now have Biden and Harris as president and vice-president, and Trump is facing his 2nd impeachment trial  this week, with the Democrats hoping for a conviction (which takes a 2/3 majority) followed by prosecution and gaol for Life without Parole. Trump represents 2 of the 4 Presidential impeachments and trials the US has ever had. The first, the Senate were 1 vote short of a 2/3 majority. The 2nd and 3rd, a large majority of the Senate voted to acquit.

This month, for the 2nd time, a majority of the Senate will vote for conviction, but not a 2/3 majority, so Trump will be acquitted. Before, the Republicans were running the trial, and found Trump innocent very quickly. This time, Democrats are running the trial, and they have a lot of terrible things to say about Trump, so it might go on for a loooooooooooooong time before Trump is acquitted, and the Democrats denounce as Deplorable every Senator who voted against conviction.

Thursday, January 14, 2021

Biden is coming, Biden is coming

 Growing up, I had the 3 US TV channels, of which everyone watched 2 for news: Cronkite on CBS and Huntley and Brinkley on NBC, so we always got the official US version of the news: the US was bringing Democracy to Vietnam, and the US had no choice but to go to war after the Vietcong attacked a US Navy ship in international waters, a travesty at least as bad as Pearl Harbor.

But in the late '60s, we had Cronkite admitting he'd been lying for years. He took the official US government lies and said they had been verified as TRVE. But now he had to say he'd learned the US government lied, and no, nothing they claimed had ever actually been validated, the news reporters knew which side their bread was buttered on, and knew that repeating the official US government lies was a safe way to keep their jobs without having to incur any danger by actually going to look. Those who did go and look, if they managed to make it back and file a report, would not get their reports into the establishment media, which, back then, was CBS, NBC, and the major newspapers.

When I got older, I read Graham Greene who complained that nothing of what he'd actually seen as a foreign correspondent ever made it into his news reports after the censors and editors got through with his filings, so he put it into his novels, which were not censored.

But times change even more than that. 

When I was a young boy, I was taken by my mother to a Ham Radio Operator to call my grandmother for free. The Ham said that he'd been listening to the Soviet version of world news, and it was very different from the US version. 'What did they say?' I asked. 

'We don't have time. Just make the phone call to my mother,' said my mother. So I never learned what the Soviets said. 

Times change. The Russians now say the Soviet news was all lies, but so was the US news. And I can easily get the Russian version of the news thanks to the Internet and Satellite TV. Also the PRC version.

The PRC news say they are very happy about Biden, he'll be a big improvement on Trump. That's the diplomatic thing to say.

Russia is not saying that. Russia is very worried about Biden. St Joe never met a war he didn't love, and promised to punish Russia severely on Day 1. Also, all those warm-water Naval Ports in Syria where the Soviets and then Russia have been squatting for years will be returned to their rightful owners, NATO. The evil Syrian dictator and all his evil henchmen will be killed, and a new government of peaceful, pro-democracy activists put in, those beneficent people who call themselves al-Qaeda, which is Arabic for 'peaceful, pro-democracy activist'. The Syrian people will be eternally grateful to the US.

In 2009, Obama said he was going to overthrow the evil government of Libya, and both Russia and the PRC voted 'Yes' in the UN Security Council. In 2013, Obama said he was going to overthrow the evil government of Syria, and both Russia and the PRC didn't say anything. Russia and the PRC knew they could not stand up to the US (but the UK Parliament voted 'NO!' so the US did not send the USAF in to completely destroy Syria, there are still bits left).

But in 2015, things appeared to have changed. Putin said if the US tried to overthrow the legitimate government of Syria, Russia would fight to protect it.

So what happens?

Soon after 20 Jan, Biden has promised to send the USAF to kill the Syrian government. And Putin promised in 2015 to shoot down all those planes. I cannot see Biden getting cold feet. But what will Putin do? Will Putin back down, figuring he can't possibly stand up to a powerhouse like Biden?

Or will Putin realise he has nothing to gain by letting the US kick Russia out of Syria, and keep his promise to protect the Syrian government?

And if Putin keeps his promise to Syria, what will St Biden do?

The PRC are saying lots of nice things about Biden, but they also indicated (without actually saying it) that they intend to fight for their New Silk Road, which includes places like Venezuela and its current government.

As the PRC would say, we are in for some Interesting Times in less than one week!

Saturday, December 26, 2020

Splitting Parties

Thomas Friedman is hoping the Republican party will split. They now get a little less than half the votes, but that was enough to elect Trump in 2016. St Hillary got more votes: she had huge majorities in the states that always vote Democrat, while Trump won 30 states with narrow pluralities, so St Hillary did have a plurality of the total vote; however, in the US system, it's not the votes, but the number of Electors. What happened when the 13 colonies agreed to join into a United States was that the smaller of the 13 colonies were afraid the large, industrial states would treat them as mercantile colonies, so they wanted a veto over legislation and the presidency, and they insisted that every state gets 2 Senators, regardless of population, and every  state gets 1 elector for everyone they have in the Congress, so at least 3, even if they have a tiny population. Thus, the agricultural states were able to prevent the industrial states from passing mercantile laws that the small states could only buy from the US industrial states at above world market prices and could only sell to the US industrial states at below world market prices. And this system gave Trump 304 out of 538 Electors and the presidency.

So the current Republican Party is capable of winning elections, and Friedman wants it split. The Trump voters in 2016 consisted of those who liked Trump and those who hated St Hillary, two very different groups, and if the party split on those lines, it would form two parties of about 24% of the vote who would put up 2 different candidates for president in every election. This would ensure Democrat victories in every single national election, since the Democrats would always have a plurality in every state, even if they only had 40% of the total vote.

Actually, the Democrats are also kind-of, sort-of split. There are the DNC Democrats who figure Ss Hillary and Biden are two of the very best candidates for president the US of A has ever had, and then there are those who voted for Trump or third parties or didn't bother to vote because they detested St Hillary. 

The DNC are certain both that Russia stole the election, and also that 52% of the voters actually voted against St Hillary (how could they). Something must be done to make sure this never, ever happens again.

The DNC know for a fact that every single American who failed to vote early and often for St Hillary in 2016 is utterly Deplorable. Enough learned their lesson in 2016 to give St Joe a massive victory in 2020. But it was still far too close. Every single voter who failed to vote early and often for both Ss Hillary and Joe must be disenfranchised, since their votes go against everything the US stands for. But how?

Thomas Friedman stands firmly with the DNC, and he fervently hopes that splitting the Republican party into two small parties would fix that once and for all, so that was his Christmas wish to Santa.

(There are, of course, those who figure in 2016, the Democrats were so sure St Hillary would win those 41 states, maybe all 50, they got lazy and didn't bother to rig the election, a mistake they did not make in 2020, and will not make in 2024.)