Friday, October 8, 2021

Trying to Block the Internet

 The US wants to stop the Taliban, of course, and had the name of their website, deleted from all the nameservers that translate names into IP addresses, j(i.e., the actual Taliban IP address,, so typing in one gets 'Domain not found.' As best I can tell, the Taliban have not figured out how to get their website back up and running.

In the case of Russia, the Russian Website has to have a disclaimer that it is by the Kremlin and probably false. The Russians agreed. A reporter named Murad in Afghanistan, after the US generals claimed they had killed the planner of the 26 August suicide bombing that killed 13 US soldiers, showed pictures of the 'terrorists' including 2 2-year-old girls. Some of the Senators actually watch (or have their constituents send them) Murad's photos, and they asked the generals some hard questions, until the generals confessed, for one day, that they had made a mistake and killed 10 people, none of them terrorists. A day after that, they said all 10 had been proven to have worked together to plan, organise, and fund the suicide bomber, and the US had done the right thing taking them all out. The neo-liberals believe their generals, but just about no one else does.

So the Taliban defeated the USSR and the US of A. The USSR ended up bankrupt and fell apart after its defeat. The US says they will continue to drone those 2-year-old terrorists in Afghanistan in repayment for 9/11. Most Americans still believe Bush, Jr that Afghanistan was responsible for the 9/11 attack. The fact that the attack was by 19 Arabs, 15 of them Saudis, was once on the CIA website, but was moved to instead. After all, the Great US President Bush, Jr said (at first) it was Afghanistan, and most Americans believed him. That was in 2001. Then, in 2003, Bush, Jr gave what the Washington Post called one of the very best State of the Union Addresses in the entire US history in which he identified the Axis of Evil. Iran planned, organised, and funded 9/11, and it was perpetrated by the 3 nations that strictly follow the same evil sect of Islam as the Ayatollahs: Mullah Omar's Taliban, Saddam's Iraq, and Kim's DPRK.

Saddam did use WMD against Iran and the Iraqi Kurds, so Clinton imposed sanctions that killed at least 500,000 Iraqi children and offered to end the sanctions just as soon as UN Inspectors said Iraq had no WMD, and Clinton guaranteed no regime change. As soon as the UN inspectors said Iraq had no WMD, Bush, Jr ordered immediate regime change, since US intelligence said Saddam, who had sent many of the 9/11 hijackers, was planning a 2nd attack with WMD that would make everyone forget 9/11. Many good Bushies say they found lots of WMD pointed at the US with fuses lit, but the military arrived just in the nick of time and stopped the attack. The Great Bush, Jr figured worrying about a WMD attack was his job, not the US peoples', so the WMD evidence was all classified. In this case, it was classified as a big lie, but still classified so anyone who said anything could be gaoled. Then Bush, Jr made the exact same offer to Libya and the DPRK. Gaddafi fell for it. Kim Jong Il set off an explosion he said was a nuke.

So, as soon as the UN inspectors said Libya had no WMD, Obama ordered the US military to kill Gaddafi, and then reiterated Bush, Jr's  offer to Iran, and Iran accepted. Obama's idea was that the 2nd Clinton president would finish the job as soon as the UN Inspectors verified no WMD, only she lost and Trump said he was tearing up Obama's deal with Iran. This was a clear violation of International Law, since the US signed a treaty in 1945 to be strictly bound by all Security Council Resolutions, and Trump, violating such a Resolution, was in egregious breech of International Law. Trump said he had never signed the treaty, so it was not binding. And most Republicans believe that Trump was under no obligation to honour Obama's Security Council Resolution. But then, none of them have the slightest idea what the written International Laws are, they only know that the International Court only goes after weak nations like Serbia and some African countries, and would never dare accuse the US of a violation, so, for all intents and purposes, the US is innocent as a newborn babe. Reneging on treaties? The US has every right. Killing 2-year-old girls? The US has every right. If the US say they were terrorists, then they were terrorists. International Law strictly follows Thrasymachus.

There is, of course, one very tiny fly in the US' ointment: the PRC.

In 1951, the US Army wanted to nuke the PLA, but President Truman, who, in 1945, ordered the US military to deploy the entire US nuclear arsenal against Japan, said in 1951, 'The USSR has MAD! No nukes!', and fired the generals who wanted to use nukes. Today, of course, the PRC, the DPRK, and Russia all have MAD. Russia and the PRC both have a 'No First Use' policy, and, until 2015, Putin knew the US Army could defeat the Russian Army without nukes, so he kept his head down. But in 2015, Putin figured Russia was back, and said if the US tried to take the southern half of Syria, they'd have to face the Russian military to do it. So the US and Turkey seem to have settled for the northern half of Syria.

And in March of this year, the PRC and Russia both started saying they'll defend Iran and Venezuela against a US attack. And, so far, the US hasn't tried to call and see if they're just bluffing. The US generals are sure Russia and the PRC are still far too weak to win a military engagement with the US, so the US could easily force regime change without nukes and put someone like Yeltsin in charge of Russia and the PRC, but the US must hurry, because both are getting stronger, so the longer the US waits, the more such wars will cost.

The Atomic Scientist say the Doomsday Clock is now 100 seconds from midnight. I, of course, wonder why they are such Pollyannas.

Friday, September 10, 2021

The US also controls the .asia domain: Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan Website Gone

 The Taliban bought two names for their English-language website: and and these were up for at least two years that I know of.

Then the US went to the site that sold them those names and had both names removed from the nameservers, so attempts to connect just say, 'Hmm. We’re having trouble finding that site.'

So the Taliban bought a .asia name, and their website was up and running. But not for long. As soon as the US found out about the .asia website, they went to whomever sells .asia names and had the Taliban names removed from the nameserver, so if one tries to connect to their new, .asia site, one gets "Hmm. We’re having trouble finding that site."

There are several neighbours of Afghanistan who could help, but it is not clear if the Taliban can work with any of them. They figure Iran are all infidel apostates who must be killed for their apostasy. The CIA agency National Endowment for Democracy has lied to the Taliban (and everyone else) that the PRC is committing genocide on the Muslims in Xinjiang, so the PRC is out. And the Taliban were created by the US for the specific purpose of killing all Soviets in Afghanistan, so they are officially designated as terrorists by Russia.

The Russian Embassy in Kabul is fully open and fully staffed, but Russia have not recognised the Taliban government. The PRC Embassy in Kabul is still open, but was reduced to a skeletal staff, and the PRC have not recognised the Taliban government. And I haven't heard the status of the Iranian Embassy in Kabul, but I know Iran has not recognised the Taliban government of Afghanistan.

So the three nations that could help the Taliban get their website back up, nations that border Afghanistan, don't seem to be readily available.

(They should probably try Pakistan.)

Monday, September 6, 2021

Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan Website back up

 The US has complete control over all .com .org and .net accounts. Anyone with such an account can be shut down by the US, as they did with the Persian News channel and , and as they did with the Islamic Emirate .com and .net accounts.

But the Islamic Emirate figured out where to buy a .asia name, so their website is back up where it is more difficult for the US to take it down.

Russia uses a .com website for its propaganda channel, but (so far) the US has not taken it down. The US insists on a disclaimer that everything on the site is just Russian propaganda, but the Kremlin must figure that a .com address is easier to remember than a .ru address. And the people who read the Russia propaganda website figure it's not a bad idea to read all sides, so they're not put off by the mandatory disclaimer.

Tuesday, August 31, 2021

US Blocks Websites it Dislikes

 For several years, going back to 2019 that I know of, the Taliban had a website,

Then the US noticed, and had the company that sold them the name remove it from all nameservers, so if one tries to access the website, the web cannot find it. Every web address is a number having 4 to 12 digits called the Internet Protocol or IP address. Google is at

Of course, very few of us know that Google is at, so some clever person came up with the nameservers that look up the names, find the numerical IP address, and allow your computer to connect. To connect to, e.g.,, your computer browser must have the address of a nameserver (or you would have to give your browser the IP address of, and that nameserver searches all the nameservers holding all the registered names on the Internet, until it finds the IP address of and sends your browser to

The US went to the owners of the nameservers that knew the name of the Taliban website and its IP address, a company called Tucows, and had Tucows remove the Taliban's name, from the nameserver, so if one tries to connect, every web browser just says, 'We’re having trouble finding that site.' So no web brower can connect to the Taliban website. If I had saved the IP address, I could check, but it looked like the ISP hosting the Taliban website took the website down, so even if one knew the IP address, one still could not connect. (One typically buys the name for one's website from a company that sells names, and then finds another company to host one's website.)

The US tried to do that to Iran. Iran had a webserver, 

Iran had to buy the name from a vendor outside Iran, and the US had the company that owns the nameserver that had the name point to a US government webserver

Sadly, the civil servant who funded the development of the Internet wanted it to be a tool that would allow the US military to communicate during a war with the USSR, when the USSR would be doing everything a superpower could do to block the US military from communicating.

So the Iranians put their news website on which has its own nameserver, and the US has been unable to block it.

Net: it would behove the Taliban to work with Iran, Russia, and/or the PRC, any of whom could get the Taliban website up and running in a day or so, and protected so the US cannot block it.

However, the Taliban were created by the US to make trouble for the USSR, and they are still designated terrorists under Russian law. Also, they are a sect of Islam that hates the Ayatollahs. And the CIA has been telling them lies about the PRC genocide of Muslims in Xinjiang. So it is not clear if they will be able to make friends with Iran, Russia, or the PRC, something they desperately need to do.

Before, when the Taliban ran Afghanistan from 1996 until 2001, only 3 countries gave them diplomatic recognition: Pakistan and 2 small Arab countries. They could not convince any other country to give them recognition or a seat at the UN. Of course, they were happy to live in the 7th century: if the Prophet did not have it, the Taliban's Afghanistan didn't need it. But that was 20 years ago, and the new and improved Taliban would like to live a little differently. For which they need other countries to recognise them and help them.

Russia and the PRC did not close their Embassies when the Taliban took over Afghanistan. The Russian Embassy is fully open, while the PRC had most of its staff return to the PRC but left a skeleton staff to keep the Embassy nominally open. Most European countries, and, of course, the US, closed their Embassies in Afghanistan.

So some of us are wondering in what direction Afghanistan will be going. And with whom.

Thursday, August 26, 2021

12 US Marines and a Navy Medic killed. The US does not forgive. Or forget.

An ISIS-K (the K is for Khorasan, part of the Ancient Persian Empire that is now part of Iran, Afghanistan, Tajikistan, and Uzbekistan) suicide bomber has killed 13 US servicepersons, 12 Marines and a Navy medic (he also killed more than 60 Afghans, but they don't count). His ISIS-K name was Abdul Rehman Al-Loghri, with the al-Loghri meaning he was from the village of Loghman.

Since the US does not forgive or forget (according to President Biden, who has trouble remembering the names of the people who work for him) the US must drone some peasant farmers in Loghman, say that intelligence proves they were the members of ISIS-K that sponsored the attack, and justice has been served. (And if anyone hands out classified information that those ISIS-K terrorists the US killed included some babies, that person will be tracked down and gaoled for life, while the drone operators and their commanders will all get medals for Great Services Rendered, protecting the US from terrorists.)

President Biden says the US will stay another 4 days, so we might see more attacks, maybe with names like al-Kandahari or al-Herati, so more to drone.

Sunday, August 22, 2021

Getting the heck out of Afghanistan

 St Joe says he is doing the exit from Afghanistan perfectly. It would have been very difficult a month ago, it would be very difficult a month from now, so no matter when we left, it would have been exactly as it is now as long as he is the one directing the exit, and a lot worse if some else (meaning Trump) had been directing it, because he is doing it perfectly.

Fox News, of course, disagrees vehemently, of course, because they're Fox. So does Maureen Dowd of the New York Times, but she was condemned by all her readers: they all wrote that St Joe is doing it perfectly, and if she were doing it, it would be a lot worse.

Some ask, if the exit were always going to be so difficult, if there is absolutely no way anyone could possibly get all our people out, shouldn't we have stayed, the way we did in Germany and Japan after WWII?

St Joe says we had one job to do in Afghanistan, we got it done when we killed Osama, and there was no point wasting even one more US life (except for those we'll have to leave behind to be murdered by the terrorists, but there would never have been a way to save any of them, and lots more US soldiers would die if we stayed any longer).

Again, Fox and Ms Dowd disagree with St Joe, but just about all the New York Times readers agree with him and hate both Fox and Ms Dowd.

The critics of St Joe do have a few flaws: he was warned that the Taliban could take over the entire country, making it very difficult to get all our people out, very soon after the end of August. But, of course, St Joe planned a massive evacuation, with the help of the Ghani government, before the end of August. No one believed the Taliban would take over on 15 August. All the warnings were that it might happen right after August (and St Joe said he didn't believe any of those warnings, he knew the Ghani government would last for years after the total US withdrawal).

I read about Saigon: Fred Reed wrote that Saigon actually went far, far better than Kabul. The helicopters took all the embassy staff, Americans and Vietnamese, to US ships that took them to the US. In Kabul, the helicopters took only the Americans in the embassy, and only to the Kabul airport, where there was lots of processing before they could be taken to someplace like Qatar, and more processing before they could make it to Germany, then more processing before they can make it back to the US.

Also, as the North Vietnamese Army closed in on Saigon, all Americans in Vietnam were told to go to an airfield. Most brought their Vietnamese relatives and friends, and refused to leave without all their relatives and friends. The US government was afraid of leaving any US hostages, so they agreed to take everyone, and got them all out before the North Vietnamese Army arrived.

In Kabul, of course, it is very difficult to get to the airport, and the US says, 'You're on your own to get to the airport, and you'd better have all your papers in perfect order or don't bother.'

And as St Joe says, we know we're going to have to leave a lot of people we promised to get out, but that we'll be leaving the fewest possible number because of his brilliant management of the evacuation, no one could possibly have left fewer behind that he will leave. And again, most New York Times readers figure he's telling the TRVTH, the whole TRVTH, and nothing but the TRVTH.

Sadly, most polls show the New York Times readers do not represent the majority of the voters, so the Democrats might have a teeny bit of trouble in the coming mid-terms, but the voters are likely to have forgotten Kabul by the next presidential election. And there's a very good chance St Joe will stand down about two months after the mid-terms, letting St Harris take over for the next 10 years.

Sunday, August 15, 2021

Saigon (Ho Chi Minh City) in Kabul???

 As President Biden said, the legitimate Afghan government, the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan, has 300,000 well trained soldiers and an advanced air force, so the Taliban, about 75,000 guerilla fighters with primitive weapons, could not possibly pose a threat.

And he was right. The Taliban don't seem to exist, and it was not the Taliban that toppled the puppet Afghan government installed by the US. The opposition call themselves the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan Mujahideen, and it was feared they might be able to take over a large part of Afghanistan over a period of a year. That year lasted about 7 days, and the puppet president installed by the US resigned (after getting the heck out of Afghanistan).

The Western Press still calls the Mujahideen the Taliban, so I guess they could call that land that led the military that occupied their country for 20 years the Aggressors, and always refer to them that way: after all, your name for someone from a different ethnic group is much better than what they call themselves.

The Western media love to demonise the Mujahideen. I guess, if I know Joe and Sam are fighting, and Joe is from my ethnic group, I gotta listen to Joe's side of it and figure it's all that evil Sam's fault. Of course, I could listen to both sides. Nah. Why listen to anyone not from my own ethnic group?

However, the Mujahideen have their own website, so one can read their side of it. Maybe. Their website was down for a couple of days, but now it's back up. The US bragged about taking down the Persian Press site, so they might have blocked the website, or it might be that their webmaster is somewhat lacking in the requisite skills needed to keep the website up (or that their finances are limited).

Their own website presents them as very different from how they're presented by the Western press. Of course, they might be lying on their website, but the Western Press has a habit of lying ever since the Spanish-American War, when the newspapers promised, 'We'll provide the War!' and then they did. So I figure I've got massive evidence that the Western press lies, and no evidence one way or the other about the Mujahideen website. So, for now, I think I'll give more credence to the Mujahideen website than to the Western Press.