Sunday, August 26, 2007

How I became a fugitive

The New York Times reports that 48% of divorced men are deadbeats. In spite of the fact that divorced men have their salaries garnished at source by the IRS. So, in fact, the deadbeats have all been ordered to pay more alimony than their take-home pay.

I was one of those deadbeats.

Where I was divorced, the guidelines were (are) that, if the wife claims abuse, the court should sentence the husband to life without the possibility of parole.

My wife said that she couldn't get any satisfaction from the criminal justice system, since they could find absolutely no evidence of abuse.

My judge (and lawyer) who both watch The Lifetime Channel, watch a movie every night where the woman can't get any help from the criminal justice system. The poor woman's TV husband, every night, manages to inflict compound fractures, but, when the cops arrive and take the woman to the hospital, the abuser has used sorcery, so the TV doctors can't find any evidence of abuse, and, without evidence, the criminal justice system can't do anything. This cannot happen in real life, but real life is alien to The Lifetime Channel. And to Family Law Court.

As far as Family Law Court is concerned, the only solution is the one used in Salem, MA. Or Loudun, Fr.

The Family Justice guideline is incarceration without the possibility of parole for any man accused of abuse where there is absolutely no criminal evidence of abuse, since that is a priori evidence of sorcery. The Family Justice guideline is thwarted by the stupid modern laws which prohibit burning at the stake for men who are clearly guilty by virtue of the fact that there is no conventional evidence of any kind against them, so, sadly, the courts have to settle for sentences of life without the possibility of parole.

In September, 2000, I was in arrears enough that, under the Clinton Law, the feds came to deport me back to the state where I was divorced, where I would be incarcerated for life, or until I could pay 200% of my take-home pay.

So I left the US for the ME.

And so, now, I'm FugitiveME.