Saturday, December 26, 2020

Splitting Parties

Thomas Friedman is hoping the Republican party will split. They now get a little less than half the votes, but that was enough to elect Trump in 2016. St Hillary got more votes: she had huge majorities in the states that always vote Democrat, while Trump won 30 states with narrow pluralities, so St Hillary did have a plurality of the total vote; however, in the US system, it's not the votes, but the number of Electors. What happened when the 13 colonies agreed to join into a United States was that the smaller of the 13 colonies were afraid the large, industrial states would treat them as mercantile colonies, so they wanted a veto over legislation and the presidency, and they insisted that every state gets 2 Senators, regardless of population, and every  state gets 1 elector for everyone they have in the Congress, so at least 3, even if they have a tiny population. Thus, the agricultural states were able to prevent the industrial states from passing mercantile laws that the small states could only buy from the US industrial states at above world market prices and could only sell to the US industrial states at below world market prices. And this system gave Trump 304 out of 538 Electors and the presidency.

So the current Republican Party is capable of winning elections, and Friedman wants it split. The Trump voters in 2016 consisted of those who liked Trump and those who hated St Hillary, two very different groups, and if the party split on those lines, it would form two parties of about 24% of the vote who would put up 2 different candidates for president in every election. This would ensure Democrat victories in every single national election, since the Democrats would always have a plurality in every state, even if they only had 40% of the total vote.

Actually, the Democrats are also kind-of, sort-of split. There are the DNC Democrats who figure Ss Hillary and Biden are two of the very best candidates for president the US of A has ever had, and then there are those who voted for Trump or third parties or didn't bother to vote because they detested St Hillary. 

The DNC are certain both that Russia stole the election, and also that 52% of the voters actually voted against St Hillary (how could they). Something must be done to make sure this never, ever happens again.

The DNC know for a fact that every single American who failed to vote early and often for St Hillary in 2016 is utterly Deplorable. Enough learned their lesson in 2016 to give St Joe a massive victory in 2020. But it was still far too close. Every single voter who failed to vote early and often for both Ss Hillary and Joe must be disenfranchised, since their votes go against everything the US stands for. But how?

Thomas Friedman stands firmly with the DNC, and he fervently hopes that splitting the Republican party into two small parties would fix that once and for all, so that was his Christmas wish to Santa.

(There are, of course, those who figure in 2016, the Democrats were so sure St Hillary would win those 41 states, maybe all 50, they got lazy and didn't bother to rig the election, a mistake they did not make in 2020, and will not make in 2024.)

Tuesday, December 22, 2020

Getting rid of dictators

 In 2015, Russia paid Michael Flynn to fly to Moscow and tell them all about Trump. The Russians were a bit shocked when Flynn promised regime change in Iran, the Ayatollahs had to go and Iran had to return to a proper democracy, meaning the US oil companies had to get their rightful property back.

Back in 1951, Mossadegh, a Communist Dictator, took over the government of Iran. We know he was a Communist Dictator because he stole all the UK oil property, so the UK asked the US to help. The fact that a majority of the Iranian people voted for him just means the election was corrupt: no one who steals Western oil property is anything but a Communist Dictator. So the US sent in the CIA who gave money and weapons and support to the group who liberated Iran, transforming it into a Constitutional, Democratic Monarchy with the Shah overseeing the Rule of Law, and all those stolen oil properties returned to their rightful owner: the US oil companies.

Iran lived in peace until 1973, when the Shah suddenly took over the government as a Communist Dictator who was much worse than Mossadegh, because he stole US oil properties. So the US had to once again bring democracy to Iran. Fortunately, Kissinger knew of a cleric with absolutely no interest in oil who was living in Paris, and it was arranged for the CIA to help him form a democratic government in Iran without the Shah. Only that did not work out quite as well as Kissinger and the CIA thought it should have done.

So, ever since 1980, every US president has wanted to bring true democracy to Iran. Only there is the teeny, weeny problem of the Strait of Hormuz. And no US president was willing to take the chance of Iran managing to close the Strait. Flynn said Trump would be able to manage regime change, but the FBI went after all Trump supporters and arrested Flynn, who was asked exactly what he had said on a tapped phone, his recollection didn't match the tape, so he was clearly guilty of perjury and sentenced to a long and well-deserved prison sentence. Clearly, St Hillary deserved to be the First Female President, she had the very best qualifications of anyone to be US president. She promised regime change in Syria and Russia on Day 1. What more could anyone ask?

But then the evil Trump workers somehow managed to get a bunch of Deplorables (with a lot of help from Putin) to steal the election.

As Obama announced in early January (but after 6 January when the election results become irreversible), very few Americans voted for Trump, St Hillary won 30 states by huge margins, but Trump tweeted Putin passwords to pilfer the polls. There was absolutely no other way Trump could possibly have won. We know (from the story of Obama and the cherry tree) that Obama cannot tell a lie, the he had irrefutable proof of this, but, of course, all that proof is classified Top Secret, so no patriotic American would ever want to see any of it, ever patriotic American knows Trump colluded with Russia to steal the election, and does not need or want to see a scintilla of such proof. The major American newspapers reiterated for four years that Trump stole the election, that everyone who helped Trump is a heinous criminal who deserves Life in Prison without the possibility of parole, and that media rightly hated every single Trump pardon of one of those evil supporters. And those who read and believe the obviously true establishment media know that this is an irrefutably proven fact, even if no one can (or should want to) see any of that Top Secret proof.

But Trump will soon be gone for good, and St Biden will bring that regime change to Syria and Russia that St Hillary promised. Or maybe not. St Biden is getting up there in years, and many figure he was just a stand in, put up by Obama to get St Kamala in as the First Black Female president who will finally bring regime change to Syria and Russia, and we know every Syrian and Russian should be eternally grateful.

(As Thomas Friedman said, the US transformed Iraq from a brutal, impoverished dictatorship and state sponsor of terror into a democratic, peaceful, and prosperous paradise, and every single Iraqi should have been eternally grateful, but instead, there were many evil Iraqis who made trouble for the US, costing the US $trillions, but that was all because of the evil Iraqis, who should have handed over all their oil in deep gratitude for the great favour the US did for them and done nothing but thank and  repay the US. But they didn't. Not the fault of Bush, Jr or the US, entirely the evil Iraqis' fault. And everyone knows that Thomas Friedman is by far the best international reporter employed by the media to tell us all what is happening in the world.)

Sunday, December 13, 2020

Bringing the light to the people in darkness

 Back when the US was bringing light to the Philippines, Mark Twain wrote that this bringing light was no longer such a good idea, the quality of the remaining darkness was far inferior to that of those nations to which the US had already brought the light. And that seems to be even more true today than back when Twain wrote it around the turn of the 19th century to the 20th.

After Vietnam, Carter failed to bring Democracy to any country, just like Trump. Both were lazy good-for-nothing presidents, and both were booted out of office after one term.

Reagan saw an existential threat to world peace, one of the world's most powerful military powers, but he brought Democracy, peace, and prosperity to Grenada. Bush, Sr. then did the same for Panama.

But then the Austin newspaper had a cartoon of Uncle Sam, the Great White Hunter, holding his elephant gun, with two mouseheads mounted on his trophy wall.

So Bush, Sr. convinced Saddam to take Kuwait, then attacked Iraq and liberated Kuwait, while also imposing crushing sanctions that are thought to have resulted in the deaths of more than 500,000 children who could not get enough food or any medicine for the balance of Bush, Sr's term and Clinton's term and Bush, jr's term.

Then Clinton liberated Yugoslavia, and made a deal just like the Iran deal with Saddam, with UN inspectors verifying that Iraq no longer had any WMD, so Bush, Jr found plenty of WMD the UN missed and sent the US military to hand Saddam over to a lynch mob. Great job. Just what US presidents should be doing.

Obama liberated Libya, and started on Syria.

Then Trump did absolutely nothing, but St Biden has promised to liberate Syria and the Ukraine and Venezuela and Bolivia and ...

Will Russia and the PRC sit back and let St Biden bring Democracy to all those countries, plus also Russia and the PRC?

As I started, the Darkness that is left is not of the same calibre as the darkness that engulfed Grenada and Panama and Iraq and Libya.

Even Iran looks like it could be a very big deal. Let alone Russia and the PRC.

But we'll have St Joe, and I'm sure he knows how to force regime change in Syria, Iran, the DPRK, Russia and the PRC, and won't have the slightest difficulty.

And what could possibly go wrong????

Monday, December 7, 2020

About history

 Primary observers were there, they saw what happened, and they wrote about it. Of course, primary observers have axes to grind, so what they wrote might not be altogether factual.

Secondary researchers weren't even there. They have to take what the primary observers wrote and try to figure out what really happened. But how can they know? 

So, as I wrote, we have multiple histories most of the time, except when one side surrenders unconditionally and is ordered to reiterate the official history and never question it. After WWI, the Central Powers had their own version of what really happened, and published it and taught it in their schools. After WWII, the Axis were ordered to accept the Allied version of the history of the war.

So what is true?

And what happens at High Noon on 20 Jan 2021.


Yeltsin let the US do whatever it wanted. Putin did for 14 years. But in 2015, he said Russia would fight to keep Syria.

And president-elect Biden says he will force regime change in Syria. Does Putin back down? Not a good idea, president-elect Biden wants to dismantle Russia into a bunch of tiny, unarmed states.

Does Russia shoot down the USAF trying to bomb the Syrian government to oblivion, and, if so, what will President Biden do????

Lots of questions, and we'll get the answers in 45 days, whether we'll like them or not.