Friday, May 25, 2018

Back in the, back in the DPRK

It looked like Trump was actually going to accomplish something useful. Kim told Moon he'd be willing to denuclearise the entire Korean peninsula. Then Bolton and Pence and then Trump promised Kim the 'Libyan option'. The official Trump version was that Libya refused to give up its nukes, so the US forced regime removal, and the only way Kim can avoid regime removal is to immediately give up all his nukes, with inspections. Trump seems to think Kim is as stupid and gullible as Saddam and Muammar. Pity he's not.

Trump still wants regime change in Iran, which (they think) is still safe enough: no WMDs, no MAD unless the Friends of Iran decide to do something (if Iran has any Friends that are that close). A Libyan-style regime removal in Iran seems possible, with little cost to the US, and big benefits for Trump from his Friends on the other side of the Gulf with Two Names.

Trump is probably just being Trump and making idle threats against the DPRK. The US media say Kim can only destroy all US assets in the RoK, and are split: some say, 'Nuke now, the RoK is a cheap price to pay to get rid of the DPRK,' while others say, 'The US has too much invested in the RoK that would be destroyed, so learn to live with the DPRK for now, and keep trying that Libyan option.'

If the US starts to force regime change, Kim has said he won't waste a single one of his many nukes on the RoK, he plans to deploy every last one in the US. No reason to think he can't. He has an ICBM that can reach the eastern US, so a Warday strike would be easy. The DPRK smuggled nerve agent into Malaysia, so smugglers might bring in many bombs and set them off in major cities. The US can completely obliterate the DPRK, but the DPRK has MAD, so they can do enough damage that the US won't be much of a world power after the war is over. Not to mention that nuking the DPRK will annoy the PRC and Russia no end. Trump's best approach to the DPRK is to just continue to bluster, something he enjoys doing on a daily basis.

The DPRK isn't insane enough to start anything, but it will do its best to finish any attempt at regime change by the US.

Wednesday, May 2, 2018

Next after the DPRK

Kim continued what his father started. His father announced he'd tested a nuke (seismic evidence inconclusive). Maybe he had, maybe it was fake. But Kim tested what were definitely nukes, and also launched one ICBM that could have reached the east coast of the US. A lot in the US said, 'He doesn't have a working ICBM yet, so we need to nuke him now to keep the US safe. He'll retaliate by obliterating all of South Korea, but that's a small price to pay.' Of course, Kim has subs and smugglers who might have gotten a lot of nukes into the US. Or he might have an EMP device (read War Day). But then the RoK impeached Park and got Moon, who wanted peace. Then Xi called Kim to Beijing for a Headmaster to student chat, after which Kim announced he was completely finished with testing, and the RoK said he'd told them he'd give up all his nukes. Then Kim and Moon met and signed a treaty to completely denuclearise the entire peninsula, beginning this week. Wow! Moon says Trump deserves a Nobel Peace Prize.


The US MSM says Trump must be removed ASAP for colluding with Russia to steal the election from St Hillary. And Russia is guilty of a crime worse than the sinking of the Maine, or Saddam's attack on the US on 9/11 and his planned attack with nuclear weapons that was stopped just in the nick of time (and most Americans 'know' the Spanish sank the Maine and Saddam was responsible for 9/11 and had nukes pointed at the US with fuses lit, fuses the US military snuffed out just in the nick of time; let us not confuse American history with the fact that the old steam engines often exploded and sank ships, or that Saddam had NEW WMD which only the most clever and patriotic can see; to keep things simple, we have 3 'obvious' casus belli).

The US MSM says Russia is about as powerful and Panama was in '89, relative to the US military of 2018, which has gotten immensely stronger since '89, while Russia's military has collapsed, so regime removal in Russia should be a top priority of the US, and Trump isn't doing anything because he's Putin's puppet. Putin did a slide show about Russia's new WMD that guarantee MAD, and the US MSM said they were all Photoshopped. The MSM promise that when the US threatens, Putin, having nothing, will meekly resign. So those Concerned Scientists who say the Doomsday Clock is 2 minutes before midnight are a bunch of Pollyannas.


The next war Trump plans is, of course, Iran. In '15, General Flynn said regime change in Iran would be a top priority of the Trump administration. But the last two presidents waited until their 3rd year in office for a big regime removal, so '19 seems like the most likely year, unless the MSM and Bibi put enough pressure on Trump that he moves the war up a year. Bush, jr, Obama, and Trump all agree: the 9/11 attack was ordered by the Ayatollahs of Iran, and perpetrated by their co-religionists, Afghans, Iraqis, Libyans, Syrians, North Koreans, and Cubans. And who could question Bush, jr, Obama, and Trump? Since all 3 agree, it must be factual! The US Congress voted to investigate if anyone from Saudi Arabia might have had anything to do with 9/11, and Obama naturally vetoed such a ridiculous bill.

And Iran definitely doesn't have any nukes it could use, so the war should be safe for the US, and that's the most important thing. That, and the profits.


But the US MSM doesn't want the administration (preferably excised of Trump) distracted by Iran from forcing the regime change in Russia that's a much higher priority for them.