Saturday, November 27, 2021

What about the PRC and the RF???

 Back in 1983, Grenada had a powerful military and posed a serious threat of conquering the world and imposing their dictatorship, and only the US, under the Great Reagan, were able to stop them. But peace did not last. In 1989, a new threat to the world arose, Panama, but Bush, Sr managed to subdue their quest for world domination. Shortly thereafter, in 1991, Iraq was prepared to first conquer the entire Middle East and take control of most of the world's oil, and again, only the US were able to stop them. Then, it was Yugoslavia that was close to conquering the entire world, but again, the US under Clinton managed to stop them. Then, on 9/11/2001, Afghanistan attacked the US and destroyed the World Trade Center. It took 20 years to topple that evil dictatorship, but the US finally managed under President Biden. During those 20 years, Libya became a serious threat, but Obama managed to lead the US military to victory, and the Libyan attempt at world domination was stopped.

But now we have the PRC and the RF. These are not great powers like Grenada and Panama, but only backward countries that wish to threaten the world. Obviously, Luxembourg would be able to take on both of these third-world countries who are nothing in comparison with Grenada and Panama, but Luxembourg is not willing, so it looks like the US of A will once again have to step up to the plate.

Fortunately, the PRC and the RF should not require nearly as much effort as Afghanistan, and the US should be able to subdue both in much less than 20 years. Chechnya and Dagestan and the other Republics in the RF will have their freedom, as will East Turkestan, Tibet, Hong Kong, and Taiwan.

Thursday, November 25, 2021

The US solution to the Afghanistan problem

 On 9/11/2001 (US date style) 19 Arabs,15 of them Saudis, hijacked 4 aeroplanes. Two were flown into the World Trade Center, killing most of the people inside and, of course, everyone on both planes. Another plane was crashed into the Pentagon, which was built to withstand bombing by the Luftwaffe, so it killed everyone on the plane and a very few of those working in the Pentagon. The passengers got word on their cellphones on the 4th aeroplane and fought with the hijackers who then crashed the plane, killing everyone on board, but no one else.

Since Saudi is an essential supplier of oil to the US, Afghanistan proved the perfect scapegoat. Bush, Jr convinced Americans in 2001 that Afghanistan had perpetrated 9/11, and the US vowed revenge. The Congress authorised the US president to wage war against anyone he thought had been responsible for 9/11, so for 20 years the US bombed Afghanistan, bombing schools, hospitals, weddings, and funerals.

But after 20 years, the US came up with a new plan. The Important Americans were all evacuated, the unimportant ones left behind. The Afghan government had to keep all its money in US banks, all of which was confiscated when the US left. Afghanistan is sanctioned so no food, no fertiliser, no agricultural implements allowed, and certainly no aid. With luck, every last Afghan will starve, suitable punishment for the 9/11 scapegoat, and most Americans figure they deserve it.

Of course now the US wants to rein in Russia and the PRC.

After the US transformed Grenada, Panama, Iraq, Yugoslavia, Afghanistan, and Libya from brutal, impoverished dictatorships and major threats to the world into peaceful and prosperous democracies, third world countries like Russia and the PRC will be much easier, especially after all the US learned from their beneficent transformations of those former threats.