Sunday, October 15, 2017

Trump just keeps getting better

Bush, jr was one of the most successful US presidents.

When he was elected, he owned millions of barrels of oil (still in the ground), but the cost of pumping it out of the ground was greater than the price per barrel.

But Bush, jr knew just what to do: he announced that Iraq was one of the main sponsors of the 9/11 attack, that Saddam had newer, better weapons and was planning another attack that would make 9/11 seem like a fender-bender. So the US invaded, and the price of oil rose to almost $150. In addition, Bush, jr awarded all his Friends no-bid contracts. So Bush, jr and all his Friends got very, very rich.

And, while Bush, jr lost the vote but won the election in 2000, he won the vote AND the election in 2004, with a wide margin of victory.

The New York Times assured us that Bush, jr was a Great President (at least until 2007), who transformed Iraq from an impoverished, brutal dictatorship and state sponsor of terror into a peaceful and prosperous democracy. All their foreign correspondents interviewed Iraqis in the Green Zone (none were foolish enough to interview any Iraqis outside the Green Zone), and all those interviewed agreed that the US had transformed Iraq into a paradise (they were all living in Saddam's former palaces, so it was a paradise for them).


Obama gave great speeches, and won the Nobel Peace Prize. He said all the right things about climate change, while seeing that the US doubled its production of fossil fuels (but Obama's fossil fuels don't produce any CO2).

So the price of oil fell, and OPEC decided to force the price down to below the cost of shale oil. Only the price of oil fell until the OPEC nations are having a hard time paying their bills, and US producers are also having hard times.

Fortunately, Trump studied Bush, jr, and came across the obvious answer: reduce world oil supply by 4 million barrels per day!

Just as Bush, jr sent the US to war with Iraq, Trump sees that just one letter needs to be changed.

Obviously, all the world's terror is sponsored by Iran. They sponsor ISIL and al-Qaeda, who are both Sunni organisations, like Iran, not the peaceful, non-violent, vegetarian sect, the Shi'a, like Saudi Arabia.

(We learned back in the '60s that the legal definition of a free, democratic nation is one that has the full approval of the president of the US, so the paradigm of free, democratic nations, second to one, is Saudi Arabia, confirmed by Bush, jr, Obama, and Trump.)

Trump has promised war with Iran and the DPRK. The DPRK has been a problem since 1950, but Truman ruled out regime change (which would have required nuking the Chinese) because the USSR provided a nuclear umbrella for all Communist countries. Since the US got the evil Soviet dictators replaced by Yeltsin, who made Russia democratic for 9 years, and left all Russian industry, the military, the schools, and the healthcare system in tatters, the US could do what was necessary to make the world a better place, transforming Afghanistan, Iraq, and Libya into the peaceful and prosperous democracies they are today. Then Obama, who should have transformed at least two more of the state sponsors of terror, wimped out in Syria.

And by '13, the USSR was back, and said it intended to continue squatting on those military bases in Syria that legally belong to NATO (note: only the US/UK/EU are allowed to decide what is international law, everyone else is either evil or unqualified, or usually both). St Hillary was ready for WWIII, now that Russia no longer has MAD. Unless Putin meekly backed down, dissolved the Russian government, and let St Hillary appoint good Russians like Yeltsin to run Russia, it would mean RAD, not MAD.

Trump has been told that MAD no longer exists, the US military is now so powerful that WWIII would not put a single American life at risk, it would not be MAD, but AD of everything except the US and its allies. And Trump knows his advisers are always right.

So it looks like we'll get to see a complete US victory in WWIII under the great leadership of Trump.

What could possibly be better????