Wednesday, November 8, 2017

New discoveries about Iran

Obama micromanaged the SEAL team mission that stopped the evil terrorist Osama one day before he released his top secret plan for an unstoppable terrorist attack that would have made 9/11 seem like a minor fender-bender. Osama was in a multimillion dollar fortress with a small army of jihadis armed with heavy weapons, but, thanks to Obama's brilliant leadership, not one SEAL got so much as a scratch.

Seymour Hersh wrote that Obama lied about the mission. Mr Hersh won many acolades for his proof that Nixon lied about Vietnam, but, of course, Obama cannot tell a lie, so Mr Hersh was advised to stick to his memoirs: Nixon's lies still sell, while it is strictly prohibited to suggest that Obama might have told a tiny fib, since that would be impossible. It is true that Obama hired some people to write the strictly factual accounts of his successes, people who learned their journalism at Marvel, but that just made them world-class journalists whose prose has never been equalled (just as Marvel heroes are never defeated).

Now Trump is mining the information recovered from Osama. He found irrefutable proof that al-Qaeda and ISIL are followers of the Ayatollahs of Iran, they all belong to the exact same jihadist sect, a sect we know is Zoroastrian, not Islamic, since the King of Saudi Arabia, the leader of all Islam, told us so (al-Wahhab taught in the 18th century that the leadership of all Islam passed to the King in the 7th Islamic century, or the 14th Christian century, and that the King rules by Divine Right, and so is Divinely Guided and can never be wrong, and the King pronounced al-Wahhab's writings as true; since al-Wahhab proved that the King is always right, the King's pronouncement that all of al-Wahhab's writings are correct is irrefutable proof that Wahhabism is the only true religion).

The Ayatollahs refer to al-Qaeda and ISIL as takfir, a Persian word that must mean BFF.

Sunday, November 5, 2017

Trump's first war???

One assumes that, like his predecessors, Trump will go to war against someone.

If it were St Hillary, she promised regime change in Syria and Russia starting on Day 1 (it took a few months to track down and kill the Libyan government). She said she'd kill the evil dictator of Syria, but she'd let Putin and his government quietly step down so she could appoint a good democrat like Yeltsin, who dismantled the Soviet military, industry, healthcare system, educational system, and transformed the Soviet Union, an unspeakably evil regime, into a peaceful and prosperous democracy.

Then Putin took over, and he's worse than Stalin (but, fortunately, Yeltsin left him without much of an economy or military, so the US had no obstacle to transforming Afghanistan, Iraq, and Libya from impoverished, brutal dictatorships and state sponsors of terror into peaceful and prosperous democracies).

By '13, Putin had rebuilt the Soviet military to the point where he foolishly said he would not allow St Hillary to replace the evil Syrian regime that once allowed the USSR to squat on military bases that legally belong to NATO, and now lets Russia squat on those bases.

St Hillary (and her supporters) noted that she would give Putin 2 choices: he could step down and let her name a decent, democratic government for Russia, or she'd utterly destroy Russia with military strikes that would leave absolutely nothing left, and Russia could not retaliate, since the US is much too strong, and has an impregnable anti-missal shield. Putin, not being a complete idiot (just an evil dictator) would know he had no choice, and would meekly resign, after which a 'no fly zone' would quickly bring an end to the evil Syrian dictator, and the new, democratic government consisting of the Saudi HNC, al-Qaeda, and the Daesh would evict the Russians, give all those Russian bases to NATO, and let US oil companies have all the Syrian oil.

But Putin stole the election, hacking the DNC server (the DNC found this out all by themselves, with no help from the US constabulary, who were told NOT to interfere with the investigation), and also spent $100,000 on Twitter and Facebook and Google ads that flooded the accounts of more than 200 million American voters with his lies. Meanwhile, St Hillary only had $1.3 billion, which was useless against Putin's $100,000, so she lost.

Trump ran as an isolationist, but now he says he has to force regime change in Syria, the DRPK, and Iran, and if Russia tries to stop him, Russia as well. But Day 1 is long past, and, while Trump has fired 59 missals at Syria and bombed the Syrian army, and while he's promised that he will completely destroy the DPRK if the dictator does not step down, and that the US will force regime change in Iran, we haven't seen much progress toward these laudable goals.

So will Trump just talk for four years? Start a war in year 3, as Bush, sr, Bush, jr, and Obama did? Or try starting a war sooner?

Like the cat who ate some cheese, we're all waiting with baited breath.