Monday, August 17, 2020

Where we are now

 If one reads the Grayzone, they blame the US for the tragedy in Lebanon. Since Lebanon is at war with Israel, the US has severe sanctions against Lebanon, and those sanctions drained a lot of money (and corrupt government officials stole all that was left) leaving no resources to deal with tons of 21-0-0 fertilizer that also happens to be extremely hazardous and prone to explode if ignited. The US says it's not the sanctions that are to blame, but the evil Lebanese government that must resign and let the US appoint a pro-US, pro-Israel government that will gaol every member of Hezbollah. Only then could the US lift those sanctions. 

Of course, US sanctions are also killing people in Venezuela, Syria, and Iran, but those sanctions are necessary, those countries all need to get rid of their evil governments and replace them with good, pro-US, pro-Israel governments who will return all the oil they've been stealing and wasting on their own people to the rightful owners of that oil, the US oil companies, who deserve every drop without spending 1¢ on royalties.

And most Americans know that Trump has been much too soft on the evil dictators in Russia and China. St Hillary promised to force Putin to resign on Day 1 and put in someone like Yeltsin, but Russia stole the election. The Mueller report had page after page of computer code that they assure us prove Russia stole the election. The fact that anyone who can read code cannot see the slightest evidence that Russia did anything just proves that people who can read code can't understand these things the way the US intelligence community can, they are always 100% reliable. We know that Snowden was a lying traitor when he accused the US of spying on everyone, and his so-called 'proof' was manufactured. We know this because Clapper said, under oath, that the US was doing no such thing, and there is no way a top intelligence agent like Clapper could possibly lie to the American people.

So we all figure Trump will be gone 20 Jan 2021, and Biden will finally do the needful and force regime change in Russia and China.

Meanwhile, CoViD-19 has killed almost 800,000 people. There are normally about 30 million deaths from February through August, so CoViD-19 has raised the total number of deaths by about 1%, and the experts say that's all Trump's fault. There was an outbreak of Ebola in the US when Obama was president, but only 2 deaths, and the experts all tell us that the Ebola outbreak would have killed just about everyone if Trump had been in charge instead of Obama, and they also say that the CoViD-19 outbreak will be completely eradicated as soon as Biden takes office.

So, by the end of January, the experts tell us that CoViD-19 will be gone, along with the evil governments of China, Russia, Venezuela, Iran, and Syria, and the world will be a great place to live.

Especially for cockroaches, what with no longer having to worry about boots.