Tuesday, April 13, 2021

JCPOA continues netherwards

 St Joe keeps hoping to finish what Obama started: Iran agrees to full inspections that verify no WMD, then St Biden can order the USAF to take out all the Ayatollahs and hand Iran over to a decent, Democratic* government instead of their current Autocratic** government.

Iran includes some Kurds, who are Sunni and hate Persians and having their old Ottoman Vilayet broken up into bits that are in Iran, Iraq, Turkey, and Syria, and also some Arabs who were on the wrong side of the Shatt al-Arab (as it is known to the Arabs) or the Arvand Rood (as it is known to the Persians) when the Ottomans and the Persians agreed to the current boundaries, and who also hate Persians, and they could form a new, Persian-free government for Iran that would be acceptable to the US.

Only the Persians are refusing to cooperate. They must agree to 110% of US terms FIRST, then, once the US is sure that they don't have any WMD, regime change.

The Persians want an end to all sanctions before they stop 60% enrichment with no inspections.

It should be noted that the reunification of Korea was stopped in 1951 because General MacArthur said he could only defeat the PLA with nukes, and Truman said, 'The USSR has MAD, you idiot. You're fired.'  

Then (40 years later) the USSR collapsed, Kim II feared regime change was back on the table, and set off an explosion he said was a nuke (seismic data not clear if it was or wasn't).

Later, Kim III set off some explosions that could have been nothing but nukes, so he has 'em, and regime change in the DPRK must remain on hold a while longer.

And Iran is getting close to being able to set off an ambiguous explosion and say 'It's a nuke, baby, it's a nuke!' 

The Persians do not seem inclined to stop all production of highly enriched uranium and allow inspectors while the US still has full sanctions, so it's looking like St Joe won't be able to get Iran to disarm completely with UN inspections so the US can easily force regime change, and the JCPOA doesn't seem likely to be resurrected. It ain't like Lazarus.

Added to which, someone (guess who) set off an explosion in an Iranian facility that might be capable of producing bomb-grade enriched uranium, which does not incline Iran to tranquility.

Net: no JCPOA for the foreseeable future!


*Democratic - Defn. A form of government that always does whatever the US tells them to do.

**Autocratic - Defn. Any form of government that does not do whatever the US tells them to do.

Saturday, April 10, 2021


 Before Trump, every American president had worked for his party since he was a teenager. One had to go to all the party meetings and get to know the party leadership (it helped if your parents were senior members of the Party and put you in for a future leader). You passed out leaflets, asked people if you could put up signs for your party in their yard, and generally worked for the party. If the leadership liked you, they put you up for local, then statewide, then governor or Congresscritter. And finally, for a very few of a very few, they got put up as a presidential candidate.

But the Republicans lost to Obama twice and decided to let the rank and file vote on the nominee, and they got Trump who could not possibly win. And then he won. And he had no idea. 

Every president, the day he becomes President Elect, should hand in 4,000 names of people who have ample qualifications and who will have his back. Trump did not know anyone qualified, took a list of names from some Republican 'friends' and nominated 4,000 #NeverTrumps who did nothing but try to get rid of him. So Trump accomplished very little. Obama built far more wall, deported far more Hispanics, and did much more to support the fossil fuel industry, all while saying he was against a Wall, never deported a single Hispanic, and was doing all he could to stop climate change. But what Obama said sounded good.

Trump said the US needed a Wall that would make that thing in China look like a picket fence, that we needed to deport every last Hispanic, that we must support fossil fuels since Climate Change is a hoax. Everything Trump said sounded terrible, but Trump didn't really do much, unlike his predecessors, hypocrites who said all the right things and did all the wrong things.