Friday, December 22, 2017

Another great achievement by President Trump (with Haley's help)

In the UN (as everywhere else), the RoK and the DPRK are at odds. If the RoK votes one way in the US, one can be fairly certain the DPRK will vote the other way. After all, they've been at war since 1950 (with a temporary no-fire agreement signed in '53, and sometimes observed and sometimes not).

And yet, thanks to President Trump (and Ambassador Haley), last week, both the RoK and the DPRK voted the exact same way, in complete agreement on one thing: that it was wrong for the US to move its Embassy.

Trump will go down in history as one of our greatest peacemakers!

Sunday, December 10, 2017

Back in 1995, Congress passed a bill that the US Embassy must be moved the 60 km from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem. Clinton didn't sign or veto the bill, so, after 10 days, it became law. But it had a provision for waivers, so the president can delay the move for 60 days at a time. Clinton, Bush, jr, Obama, and Trump have signed the waivers.

Trump announced that he was moving the Embassy, and also signed the waiver on the same day.

So no one has a clue what that means (but lots of Palestinians have died, rioting against the speech and getting shot by the Israelis).