Friday, December 22, 2017

Another great achievement by President Trump (with Haley's help)

In the UN (as everywhere else), the RoK and the DPRK are at odds. If the RoK votes one way in the US, one can be fairly certain the DPRK will vote the other way. After all, they've been at war since 1950 (with a temporary no-fire agreement signed in '53, and sometimes observed and sometimes not).

And yet, thanks to President Trump (and Ambassador Haley), last week, both the RoK and the DPRK voted the exact same way, in complete agreement on one thing: that it was wrong for the US to move its Embassy.

Trump will go down in history as one of our greatest peacemakers!

Sunday, December 10, 2017

Back in 1995, Congress passed a bill that the US Embassy must be moved the 60 km from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem. Clinton didn't sign or veto the bill, so, after 10 days, it became law. But it had a provision for waivers, so the president can delay the move for 60 days at a time. Clinton, Bush, jr, Obama, and Trump have signed the waivers.

Trump announced that he was moving the Embassy, and also signed the waiver on the same day.

So no one has a clue what that means (but lots of Palestinians have died, rioting against the speech and getting shot by the Israelis).

Wednesday, November 8, 2017

New discoveries about Iran

Obama micromanaged the SEAL team mission that stopped the evil terrorist Osama one day before he released his top secret plan for an unstoppable terrorist attack that would have made 9/11 seem like a minor fender-bender. Osama was in a multimillion dollar fortress with a small army of jihadis armed with heavy weapons, but, thanks to Obama's brilliant leadership, not one SEAL got so much as a scratch.

Seymour Hersh wrote that Obama lied about the mission. Mr Hersh won many acolades for his proof that Nixon lied about Vietnam, but, of course, Obama cannot tell a lie, so Mr Hersh was advised to stick to his memoirs: Nixon's lies still sell, while it is strictly prohibited to suggest that Obama might have told a tiny fib, since that would be impossible. It is true that Obama hired some people to write the strictly factual accounts of his successes, people who learned their journalism at Marvel, but that just made them world-class journalists whose prose has never been equalled (just as Marvel heroes are never defeated).

Now Trump is mining the information recovered from Osama. He found irrefutable proof that al-Qaeda and ISIL are followers of the Ayatollahs of Iran, they all belong to the exact same jihadist sect, a sect we know is Zoroastrian, not Islamic, since the King of Saudi Arabia, the leader of all Islam, told us so (al-Wahhab taught in the 18th century that the leadership of all Islam passed to the King in the 7th Islamic century, or the 14th Christian century, and that the King rules by Divine Right, and so is Divinely Guided and can never be wrong, and the King pronounced al-Wahhab's writings as true; since al-Wahhab proved that the King is always right, the King's pronouncement that all of al-Wahhab's writings are correct is irrefutable proof that Wahhabism is the only true religion).

The Ayatollahs refer to al-Qaeda and ISIL as takfir, a Persian word that must mean BFF.

Sunday, November 5, 2017

Trump's first war???

One assumes that, like his predecessors, Trump will go to war against someone.

If it were St Hillary, she promised regime change in Syria and Russia starting on Day 1 (it took a few months to track down and kill the Libyan government). She said she'd kill the evil dictator of Syria, but she'd let Putin and his government quietly step down so she could appoint a good democrat like Yeltsin, who dismantled the Soviet military, industry, healthcare system, educational system, and transformed the Soviet Union, an unspeakably evil regime, into a peaceful and prosperous democracy.

Then Putin took over, and he's worse than Stalin (but, fortunately, Yeltsin left him without much of an economy or military, so the US had no obstacle to transforming Afghanistan, Iraq, and Libya from impoverished, brutal dictatorships and state sponsors of terror into peaceful and prosperous democracies).

By '13, Putin had rebuilt the Soviet military to the point where he foolishly said he would not allow St Hillary to replace the evil Syrian regime that once allowed the USSR to squat on military bases that legally belong to NATO, and now lets Russia squat on those bases.

St Hillary (and her supporters) noted that she would give Putin 2 choices: he could step down and let her name a decent, democratic government for Russia, or she'd utterly destroy Russia with military strikes that would leave absolutely nothing left, and Russia could not retaliate, since the US is much too strong, and has an impregnable anti-missal shield. Putin, not being a complete idiot (just an evil dictator) would know he had no choice, and would meekly resign, after which a 'no fly zone' would quickly bring an end to the evil Syrian dictator, and the new, democratic government consisting of the Saudi HNC, al-Qaeda, and the Daesh would evict the Russians, give all those Russian bases to NATO, and let US oil companies have all the Syrian oil.

But Putin stole the election, hacking the DNC server (the DNC found this out all by themselves, with no help from the US constabulary, who were told NOT to interfere with the investigation), and also spent $100,000 on Twitter and Facebook and Google ads that flooded the accounts of more than 200 million American voters with his lies. Meanwhile, St Hillary only had $1.3 billion, which was useless against Putin's $100,000, so she lost.

Trump ran as an isolationist, but now he says he has to force regime change in Syria, the DRPK, and Iran, and if Russia tries to stop him, Russia as well. But Day 1 is long past, and, while Trump has fired 59 missals at Syria and bombed the Syrian army, and while he's promised that he will completely destroy the DPRK if the dictator does not step down, and that the US will force regime change in Iran, we haven't seen much progress toward these laudable goals.

So will Trump just talk for four years? Start a war in year 3, as Bush, sr, Bush, jr, and Obama did? Or try starting a war sooner?

Like the cat who ate some cheese, we're all waiting with baited breath.

Sunday, October 15, 2017

Trump just keeps getting better

Bush, jr was one of the most successful US presidents.

When he was elected, he owned millions of barrels of oil (still in the ground), but the cost of pumping it out of the ground was greater than the price per barrel.

But Bush, jr knew just what to do: he announced that Iraq was one of the main sponsors of the 9/11 attack, that Saddam had newer, better weapons and was planning another attack that would make 9/11 seem like a fender-bender. So the US invaded, and the price of oil rose to almost $150. In addition, Bush, jr awarded all his Friends no-bid contracts. So Bush, jr and all his Friends got very, very rich.

And, while Bush, jr lost the vote but won the election in 2000, he won the vote AND the election in 2004, with a wide margin of victory.

The New York Times assured us that Bush, jr was a Great President (at least until 2007), who transformed Iraq from an impoverished, brutal dictatorship and state sponsor of terror into a peaceful and prosperous democracy. All their foreign correspondents interviewed Iraqis in the Green Zone (none were foolish enough to interview any Iraqis outside the Green Zone), and all those interviewed agreed that the US had transformed Iraq into a paradise (they were all living in Saddam's former palaces, so it was a paradise for them).


Obama gave great speeches, and won the Nobel Peace Prize. He said all the right things about climate change, while seeing that the US doubled its production of fossil fuels (but Obama's fossil fuels don't produce any CO2).

So the price of oil fell, and OPEC decided to force the price down to below the cost of shale oil. Only the price of oil fell until the OPEC nations are having a hard time paying their bills, and US producers are also having hard times.

Fortunately, Trump studied Bush, jr, and came across the obvious answer: reduce world oil supply by 4 million barrels per day!

Just as Bush, jr sent the US to war with Iraq, Trump sees that just one letter needs to be changed.

Obviously, all the world's terror is sponsored by Iran. They sponsor ISIL and al-Qaeda, who are both Sunni organisations, like Iran, not the peaceful, non-violent, vegetarian sect, the Shi'a, like Saudi Arabia.

(We learned back in the '60s that the legal definition of a free, democratic nation is one that has the full approval of the president of the US, so the paradigm of free, democratic nations, second to one, is Saudi Arabia, confirmed by Bush, jr, Obama, and Trump.)

Trump has promised war with Iran and the DPRK. The DPRK has been a problem since 1950, but Truman ruled out regime change (which would have required nuking the Chinese) because the USSR provided a nuclear umbrella for all Communist countries. Since the US got the evil Soviet dictators replaced by Yeltsin, who made Russia democratic for 9 years, and left all Russian industry, the military, the schools, and the healthcare system in tatters, the US could do what was necessary to make the world a better place, transforming Afghanistan, Iraq, and Libya into the peaceful and prosperous democracies they are today. Then Obama, who should have transformed at least two more of the state sponsors of terror, wimped out in Syria.

And by '13, the USSR was back, and said it intended to continue squatting on those military bases in Syria that legally belong to NATO (note: only the US/UK/EU are allowed to decide what is international law, everyone else is either evil or unqualified, or usually both). St Hillary was ready for WWIII, now that Russia no longer has MAD. Unless Putin meekly backed down, dissolved the Russian government, and let St Hillary appoint good Russians like Yeltsin to run Russia, it would mean RAD, not MAD.

Trump has been told that MAD no longer exists, the US military is now so powerful that WWIII would not put a single American life at risk, it would not be MAD, but AD of everything except the US and its allies. And Trump knows his advisers are always right.

So it looks like we'll get to see a complete US victory in WWIII under the great leadership of Trump.

What could possibly be better???? 

Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Trump, candidate vs president

Candidate Trump ran as an isolationist. He said he'd bring the US troops home, no more wars. Peace with Syria and Russia.

Candidate Trump also promised to end foreign trade, repeating the Smoot-Hawley act of 1930 that stopped almost all US foreign trade. My school books said that the Smoot-Hawley bill made the Great Depression much worse. Prof Krugman won the Nobel Prize in Economics for his proof that Smoot-Hawley prevented the Great Depression from being much worse than it was.

Candidate Trump also promised to bring back jobs by incentives to produce coal, and an end to all environmental regulations.

President Trump agrees with Bush, jr and Obama. Obviously, Iran ordered 9/11, but no Iranians were among the hijackers, the thousands of jihadis who committed 9/11 were followers of the Iranian Ayatollahs from (in order of number of jihadis) Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Syria, North Korea and Cuba. Not one Saudi had anything to do with 9/11, since all Saudis follow a peaceful, non-violent, vegetarian sect of Islam.

The US Senate voted to investigate if any Saudi might have been involved in 9/11, and Obama vetoed that bill, since it's been irrefutably proven that no Saudi had anything to do with 9/11.

So President Trump agrees that the US must keep lots of troops in Afghanistan, since those Afghans want to do another 9/11, but one that would cause far more damage if the US ever withdrew. One can easily see that the plurality of the 9/11 hijackers were Afghans, and the rest were Iraqis, Libyans, Syrians, North Koreans, and Cubans. So Trump, once he could see the intelligence only available to the president of the US, discovered that Bush, jr and Obama were right, and US troops must remain in Afghanistan, Iraq, and Libya, and must liberate Syria, Iran, North Korea, and Cuba.

President Trump agrees with Candidate Trump about coal, and mines that were closed because it was too expensive to safely store mine waste can now dump that waste in drinking water supplies, but that's not a problem, since the US government is no longer allowed to test water, and, with no tests showing the water is unsafe, it's now safe to drink, lead and all. Lead is only dangerous if the water is tested and the lead is found. As long as the water's not tested, the lead isn't a problem.

So every day of his term, President Trump looks more and more like the kind of Great Leader the US deserves.

Shaken, not stirred?????

Most of the bars I've been in have been beer joints. The US makes the license for the sale of anything stronger than beer very expensive, so many bars only serve beer, and most Americans can only afford beer joints, where the owners get the cheap, beer license, rent a cheap place to place their bar, and sell beer at a price that normal Americans can afford.

In movies, I've seen tough guys order whiskey or rye. In the US, 'whiskey' means bourbon, a drink that must be made from maize in Kentucky. 'Rye' must, of course, be made with some rye grain.

Some sophisticates order Martinis, but most bars don't have Martinis, only those for the gentry.

So, when Bond said he wanted his Martinis 'shaken, not stirred,' in the movies, most Americans figured the sophisticates always want their Martinis 'shaken, not stirred.' Which is as far from the truth as any movie can go!!

For most drinks, a tough customer orders e,g., whiskey or rye. The spirit is poured into a measure, a small glass with two lines. Generous bartenders fill to the top line. Frugal bartenders fill to the bottom line. Then the spirit is poured into a large glass, and the customer (in an American bar) can ask for any mixer that's on tap at no extra cost.

A Martini is different. The Martini glass must be filled to the brim. Martini glasses vary in size, as do the contents.

In the US, there is a very heavy tax on gin. So a cheap Martini has as little gin as possible. Olives, lemon, and Vermouth take the place of as much of the gin as the bar owners think they can get away with.

The ingredients must be poured into a shaker with ice. If shaken, the contents of the Martini glass will be mostly melted ice, i.e., water. If the ice is made in a commercial ice-maker and is 0F, and the gin and vermouth are 60F, the result is 30F, below freezing, and if the time in the shaker is short, and there is absolutely no shaking, the Martini will be mostly gin and vermouth. Or, if the buyer says so, a spoonful of vermouth is poured into the shaker and then poured out, and the shaker filled with gin. So the contents of the Martini glass is almost 100% ice cold gin. And that's how sophisticated Martini drinkers demand their Martinis: barely stirred, never shaken (shaking 'bruises the gin').

I read the novel by Fleming with the 'shaken, not stirred.' It was NOT a Martini. Cocktails are like hash, some ingredients must always be the same, but hash is different from one diner to the next (hash can be different in the same diner from one meal to the next, but cocktails are usually the same every time in the same bar, since the owners tell the bartenders how each cocktail must be made).

The Martini, as I said, is gin and French vermouth (or an Italian imitation of French vermouth).

In the first Bond book, Bond orders a mixture of 4 shots of gin and one shot of vodka, shaken, not stirred, and poured into a large glass (since, with the large amount of gin, vodka, and melted ice, it would never fit into a Martini glass). The movies then had Bond order an ordinary Martini, served in a normal Martini glass, 'shaken, not stirred,' so it would have been a very weak Martini. And, not knowing anything about Martinis, most Americans thought the rich sophisticates who could afford Martinis always ordered them 'shaken, not stirred'.

Friday, March 17, 2017

From Candidate Trump to President Trump

Candidate Trump said he'd bring back coal jobs and remove job-killing regulations and build a big wall on the Mexican border, none of which will bring back the jobs of those Americans who went from well paid jobs to living off savings and what part time, minimum wage work they can get.

Back in the '70s, there were tens of millions of jobs mining coal, jobs that didn't really require a secondary education. But then all those jobs were replaced by a few thousand engineers with tertiary education who could mine far more coal by programming coal mining robots. Providing great subsidies for coal won't bring those jobs back, it will just mean more money for Mr Peabody.

But Secretary Clinton promised war on Day 1, she said the US must force regime change on Syria. Putin said he would not allow that, so Secretary Clinton promised, that if Putin didn't back down, the US would also force regime change on the Soviet Union. Putin, she said, was still an evil KGB agent and she'd transform Russia from a brutal, impoverished dictatorship into a peaceful and prosperous democracy, and every Russian would be eternally grateful.

Candidate Trump promised to work with the legitimate governments of Syria and Russia to fight terrorism.

Given that Candidate Trump promised more global warming, a disaster, that wasn't good, but better than WWIII.

Silly me.

President Trump submitted a resolution to the UN Security Council to force regime change in Syria, a resolution vetoed by Russia and China.

President Trump says, unless Russia returns the Crimea, stops supporting the ethnic Russians in the eastern Ukraine, and pulls out of Syria and returns those military bases where the Soviet military is squatting to their rightful owners, NATO, he will force regime change on Russia. (The US MSM complains that, if only we'd elected Secretary Clinton, she'd have started on Day 1, while Trump hasn't started regime change in Syria and Russia, and it's already past Day 50.)

Plus, since China vetoed his resolution and is building islands in the East and South China seas, he'll also need to force regime change in China.

President Trump is trying (with limited success so far) to achieve all the disastrous promises that Candidate Trump made about domestic policy, and is also promising to keep all of Secretary Clinton's promises about foreign policy.

But Secretary Clinton was only promising regime change in Russia and a trade war with China, while Trump & Co are promising a much more exciting military conflict with both Russia and China.

What could possibly go wrong?

Sunday, February 12, 2017

Trump??? Shaken not stirred???

In October, 2016, I wrote that there was no way Trump could be president. I stand by that prediction. Every single indicator said Trump could NOT be president. And every single indicator was completely wrong. The best said Trump had a 25% chance. Most said 0%. I accepted the 25% as the best, but still remote.

No one knows if Secretary Clinton lost or Trump won (or a bit of both). Trump should not have won the nomination. But he did. He didn't win the vote, but US rules says that New York and California don't get as many votes as they think they deserve, and that goes back to the 18th century: when 13 colonies agreed to join in a single polity, the small colonies wanted some protections from the big colonies. And they got them.

The Senate heavily favours small states and is not proportional. The Electoral College favours small states and is not proportional. And Secretary Clinton's Ada artificial intelligence programme that told her how to win the election proved to be artificially intelligent, not really intelligent.

And now we all have to see if Trump will be a disaster, or just another typical US President (i.e., a disaster).