Sunday, October 31, 2021

The PRC lie about what they know about CoViD-19

 A US report just came out about CoViD-19. The virus was probably zoonotic. Unless it wasn't. No one in the US knows, but they do know that the PRC know a lot more than it is telling. And, for once, they are right about that.

The American Unz, whose analysis is well worth reading, has a theory about the origins of CoViD-19, and the PRC have the same theory, namely that it originated in the Chinese province of Maryland at a Chinese virology lab called Fort Detrick. 

The PRC have refused to share this theory of theirs with the world, because the Chinese have been studying diplomacy for 5,000 years, and figure this is one thing they'd better not say, so they're sticking with saying they're sure that the origins of CoViD-19 are strictly zoonotic .

As Nicholas Wade writes, in February and March 2020, a bunch of American scientists who had funded gain-of-function research in Wuhan wrote that CoViD-19 was irrefutably proven to be zoonotic. Since they would be liable if their gain-of-function research project caused the CoViD-19 pandemic, they lied through their teeth that they had proof that CoViD-19 was zoonotic. As Mr Wade points out, they lied and lied in their two papers, and no reasonable researcher would accept one word of what they wrote.

Once upon a time, gain-of-function research viruses were easy to identify, and CoViD-19 does not meet those criteria. Only now, there are 'no-see-um' gain-of-function viruses that do not have the markers, but are still gain-of-function viruses. Mr Wade says CoViD-19 fits this bill perfectly.

Mr Wade blames the Wuhan lab. Mr Unz says the US sent highly infectious viruses to the Wuhan lab with the note that they were harmless, so the Wuhan lab took minimal precautions, and the pandemic started in Wuhan, as planned by the US intelligence agencies. Only the PRC applied massive countermeasures and contained the virus. But before they knew, a few people went to Italy, and from Italy to the rest of the world, and the rest is history.

Saturday, October 30, 2021

Kipling (White Man's Burden)

 When I was in school (we took our notes on stone tablets) Kipling was on the reading list, and we had to read "White Man's Burden". Great poem. About how the Europeans had the duty to bring civilisation to the savages, even though the savages preferred their miserable, primitive lifestyle and hated progress. The White Man brought modern medicine, and cured all the savages' diseases. The White Man brought modern agriculture and eliminated all the savages' famines.

Then, of course, I read other histories, not the ones taught in Western secondary schools. The White Man brought the Native Americans blankets. And smallpox. And this, without the White Man having to lift a finger, exterminated more than 90% of the Native Americans.

And the British, needing grain for their armies in the World Wars, took all the food from the Indians and caused massive starvation.

And that is how Western Medicine and Western Agricultural methods eliminated diseases and famine for the savages: they were all dead, so no disease and no famine.

And yet, as Kipling complained, the savages did not appreciate the White Man's ministrations and kept rebelling, for reasons that escaped Kipling and many Westerners.

Those of us who read too much can see why some of the savages might not have appreciated the White Man's largess.

Fortunately, most Westerners get their information from the TV that reiterates that Kipling was right and those savages are a bunch of ingrates after all the West has done for them.

Friday, October 8, 2021

Trying to Block the Internet

 The US wants to stop the Taliban, of course, and had the name of their website, deleted from all the nameservers that translate names into IP addresses, j(i.e., the actual Taliban IP address,, so typing in one gets 'Domain not found.' As best I can tell, the Taliban have not figured out how to get their website back up and running.

In the case of Russia, the Russian Website has to have a disclaimer that it is by the Kremlin and probably false. The Russians agreed. A reporter named Murad in Afghanistan, after the US generals claimed they had killed the planner of the 26 August suicide bombing that killed 13 US soldiers, showed pictures of the 'terrorists' including 2 2-year-old girls. Some of the Senators actually watch (or have their constituents send them) Murad's photos, and they asked the generals some hard questions, until the generals confessed, for one day, that they had made a mistake and killed 10 people, none of them terrorists. A day after that, they said all 10 had been proven to have worked together to plan, organise, and fund the suicide bomber, and the US had done the right thing taking them all out. The neo-liberals believe their generals, but just about no one else does.

So the Taliban defeated the USSR and the US of A. The USSR ended up bankrupt and fell apart after its defeat. The US says they will continue to drone those 2-year-old terrorists in Afghanistan in repayment for 9/11. Most Americans still believe Bush, Jr that Afghanistan was responsible for the 9/11 attack. The fact that the attack was by 19 Arabs, 15 of them Saudis, was once on the CIA website, but was moved to instead. After all, the Great US President Bush, Jr said (at first) it was Afghanistan, and most Americans believed him. That was in 2001. Then, in 2003, Bush, Jr gave what the Washington Post called one of the very best State of the Union Addresses in the entire US history in which he identified the Axis of Evil. Iran planned, organised, and funded 9/11, and it was perpetrated by the 3 nations that strictly follow the same evil sect of Islam as the Ayatollahs: Mullah Omar's Taliban, Saddam's Iraq, and Kim's DPRK.

Saddam did use WMD against Iran and the Iraqi Kurds, so Clinton imposed sanctions that killed at least 500,000 Iraqi children and offered to end the sanctions just as soon as UN Inspectors said Iraq had no WMD, and Clinton guaranteed no regime change. As soon as the UN inspectors said Iraq had no WMD, Bush, Jr ordered immediate regime change, since US intelligence said Saddam, who had sent many of the 9/11 hijackers, was planning a 2nd attack with WMD that would make everyone forget 9/11. Many good Bushies say they found lots of WMD pointed at the US with fuses lit, but the military arrived just in the nick of time and stopped the attack. The Great Bush, Jr figured worrying about a WMD attack was his job, not the US peoples', so the WMD evidence was all classified. In this case, it was classified as a big lie, but still classified so anyone who said anything could be gaoled. Then Bush, Jr made the exact same offer to Libya and the DPRK. Gaddafi fell for it. Kim Jong Il set off an explosion he said was a nuke.

So, as soon as the UN inspectors said Libya had no WMD, Obama ordered the US military to kill Gaddafi, and then reiterated Bush, Jr's  offer to Iran, and Iran accepted. Obama's idea was that the 2nd Clinton president would finish the job as soon as the UN Inspectors verified no WMD, only she lost and Trump said he was tearing up Obama's deal with Iran. This was a clear violation of International Law, since the US signed a treaty in 1945 to be strictly bound by all Security Council Resolutions, and Trump, violating such a Resolution, was in egregious breech of International Law. Trump said he had never signed the treaty, so it was not binding. And most Republicans believe that Trump was under no obligation to honour Obama's Security Council Resolution. But then, none of them have the slightest idea what the written International Laws are, they only know that the International Court only goes after weak nations like Serbia and some African countries, and would never dare accuse the US of a violation, so, for all intents and purposes, the US is innocent as a newborn babe. Reneging on treaties? The US has every right. Killing 2-year-old girls? The US has every right. If the US say they were terrorists, then they were terrorists. International Law strictly follows Thrasymachus.

There is, of course, one very tiny fly in the US' ointment: the PRC.

In 1951, the US Army wanted to nuke the PLA, but President Truman, who, in 1945, ordered the US military to deploy the entire US nuclear arsenal against Japan, said in 1951, 'The USSR has MAD! No nukes!', and fired the generals who wanted to use nukes. Today, of course, the PRC, the DPRK, and Russia all have MAD. Russia and the PRC both have a 'No First Use' policy, and, until 2015, Putin knew the US Army could defeat the Russian Army without nukes, so he kept his head down. But in 2015, Putin figured Russia was back, and said if the US tried to take the southern half of Syria, they'd have to face the Russian military to do it. So the US and Turkey seem to have settled for the northern half of Syria.

And in March of this year, the PRC and Russia both started saying they'll defend Iran and Venezuela against a US attack. And, so far, the US hasn't tried to call and see if they're just bluffing. The US generals are sure Russia and the PRC are still far too weak to win a military engagement with the US, so the US could easily force regime change without nukes and put someone like Yeltsin in charge of Russia and the PRC, but the US must hurry, because both are getting stronger, so the longer the US waits, the more such wars will cost.

The Atomic Scientist say the Doomsday Clock is now 100 seconds from midnight. I, of course, wonder why they are such Pollyannas.