Sunday, October 31, 2021

The PRC lie about what they know about CoViD-19

 A US report just came out about CoViD-19. The virus was probably zoonotic. Unless it wasn't. No one in the US knows, but they do know that the PRC know a lot more than it is telling. And, for once, they are right about that.

The American Unz, whose analysis is well worth reading, has a theory about the origins of CoViD-19, and the PRC have the same theory, namely that it originated in the Chinese province of Maryland at a Chinese virology lab called Fort Detrick. 

The PRC have refused to share this theory of theirs with the world, because the Chinese have been studying diplomacy for 5,000 years, and figure this is one thing they'd better not say, so they're sticking with saying they're sure that the origins of CoViD-19 are strictly zoonotic .

As Nicholas Wade writes, in February and March 2020, a bunch of American scientists who had funded gain-of-function research in Wuhan wrote that CoViD-19 was irrefutably proven to be zoonotic. Since they would be liable if their gain-of-function research project caused the CoViD-19 pandemic, they lied through their teeth that they had proof that CoViD-19 was zoonotic. As Mr Wade points out, they lied and lied in their two papers, and no reasonable researcher would accept one word of what they wrote.

Once upon a time, gain-of-function research viruses were easy to identify, and CoViD-19 does not meet those criteria. Only now, there are 'no-see-um' gain-of-function viruses that do not have the markers, but are still gain-of-function viruses. Mr Wade says CoViD-19 fits this bill perfectly.

Mr Wade blames the Wuhan lab. Mr Unz says the US sent highly infectious viruses to the Wuhan lab with the note that they were harmless, so the Wuhan lab took minimal precautions, and the pandemic started in Wuhan, as planned by the US intelligence agencies. Only the PRC applied massive countermeasures and contained the virus. But before they knew, a few people went to Italy, and from Italy to the rest of the world, and the rest is history.

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