Friday, November 27, 2020


 In school, I learned that the evil Socialists had conquered the entire Eastern Hemisphere in 1940. Then, in December, 1941, the US seed its duty and we dood it, single-handedly liberating Western Europe, Japan, and South Korea and bits of Africa and the Middle East from the evil Socialists.

Later, I read some other histories of WWII. The British version was that the UK had defeated the Nazis by November, 1941, but the assistance of the US shortened the war by a year or so and saved some British lives.

The USSR version was that the UK and France said in '38 they would not go to war with Germany, and the USSR had no choice but to sign a non-aggression pact, which the Nazis violated, and the USSR sacrificed more than 20 million lives to defeat the Nazis. Revisionist US histories say that's pretty much what happened, the US waited until the Soviet Army was advancing through Eastern Europe and the Nazis were pretty much defeated before invading France. The Revisionists say the US could never have defeated the Nazis without the USSR. And they have things like evidence supporting their claims. They also say it was wrong of the US to nuke Japan, and, again, have substantial evidence. But I've mentioned some of these Revisionists, and was corrected: the version I learned in school is 100% correct, and anyone who says it isn't is a proven liar. I asked for the proof, and was told only an evil anti-American would want to see any proof, anyone who reads real history (i.e., US school textbooks) knows that's the only true version.


Then we have the Bush, Jr improved history of 9/11. The case has been settled in the US courts, that the Bush, Jr 2003 State of the Union Speech finally revealed what years of study had proven was the true story. The attack was planned, organised, and funded entirely by Iran, and was perpetrated by the co-religionists of the Ayatollahs: Mullah Omar's Taliban (Omar is one of the most popular names among the Ayatollahs and their followers), Saddam and his Guards, and Kim and the DPRK. Bush, Jr later found three more evil terrorist groups that helped with the 9/11 attack: Assad's Syrian forces, Gaddafi's Libyan forces, and Castro's Cuban forces. So far, the US has liberated Afghanistan, Iraq, and Libya, but the DPRK, Syria, Cuba, and Iran must also have their evil regimes changed. Not one Saudi had anything to do with the 9/11 attack, of course, as the US courts verified finding Saudi totally innocent and Iran 100% responsible as the leader of the attack, and who could possibly doubt Bush, Jr, the US mainstream media, and the US courts?

The evil Trump squandered four years when the US military should have been liberating those countries from their evil dictators, but Trump did nothing. Fortunately, Trump is leaving on or before High Noon, 20 Jan, and Biden has promised regime change in Syria starting on Day 1.

Of course, there's a bit more history: the USSR collapsed in '89, and the CIA managed to get Yeltsin in as president, and he said, as long as the CIA kept him in vodka, they could do whatever they wanted. So they dismantled the USSR military, industries, schools, and just about everything else. But then Yeltsin got old and sick and the CIA let them put in an obscure mayor who kept his head down. In 2011, Russia and the PRC agreed in the UN Security Council that the US could force regime change in Libya.

In 2013, Russia and the PRC had no objection to regime change in Syria, but the UK Parliament did, and that was pretty much that.

But in 2015, Putin said Russia would not allow regime change in Syria.

And on 20 Jan 2021, Biden has said he will order the USAF to start removing the Syrian government. He has also said that Russia has been murdering Americans for four years while Trump did nothing, and he is going to punish Russia severely.

He also noted that the PRC Navy has been invading US territorial waters in the South China Sea and building illegal ports there, and he will send the US Navy to put an end to that.

Obviously, Russia won't be a problem. Russia was no match for that French fellow who got an Overture written for his victory over Russia in 1812, and that fellow Barbarossa (whom the Germans say is Austrian and the Austrians say is German) had no trouble with the USSR in 1942, so regime change in Russia should be easier than Panama.

And we know the PRC Navy is just junk, so they won't be able to put up any resistance.

Surely nothing has changed in Russia since 2013 when Putin said they could not object to regime change in Syria, and they'll leave quietly.

And surely nothing in the PRC has changed since 1900, so when a real leader like Biden orders them out of America's South China Sea, they'll also leave quietly.

And putting in the real president of Venezuela, Guaidó, should be an easy job for President Biden, even though the Russian Army and the PRC Army are there, since the PRC figure Venezuela is part of the New Silk Road (not clear why the Russians are supporting the party of the late Hugo Rafael Chávez Frías, but they are).

It will be great to have a real leader again instead of Trump who has not liberated a single country in four long years, but that's over now.

And I'm sure all the people in Syria, Russia, the PRC, Iran, Venezuela, and the DPRK are waiting eagerly for the US to bring their countries freedom and democracy.

And what could possibly go wrong?

Monday, November 23, 2020

War is Peace. Peace is War.

 The New York Times say Trump is doing all he can to leave poor President Biden with unnecessary wars he'll have to fight.

First, the US has many, many peacekeeping missions all over the world. The US soldiers, strictly in the interest of peace, bomb houses while the farmers are out farming, killing all their wives and children. That way, the farmers come home to learn that it is useless to resist the US of A, and they become peaceful.

By bringing those troops home and stopping the peace-keeping bombing, Trump is just starting wars where his predecessors had stamped out war and terrorism.

So bombing and killing is peace, and not bombing and killing is war, and if you cannot believe the New York Times, whom can you believe???