Friday, March 17, 2017

From Candidate Trump to President Trump

Candidate Trump said he'd bring back coal jobs and remove job-killing regulations and build a big wall on the Mexican border, none of which will bring back the jobs of those Americans who went from well paid jobs to living off savings and what part time, minimum wage work they can get.

Back in the '70s, there were tens of millions of jobs mining coal, jobs that didn't really require a secondary education. But then all those jobs were replaced by a few thousand engineers with tertiary education who could mine far more coal by programming coal mining robots. Providing great subsidies for coal won't bring those jobs back, it will just mean more money for Mr Peabody.

But Secretary Clinton promised war on Day 1, she said the US must force regime change on Syria. Putin said he would not allow that, so Secretary Clinton promised, that if Putin didn't back down, the US would also force regime change on the Soviet Union. Putin, she said, was still an evil KGB agent and she'd transform Russia from a brutal, impoverished dictatorship into a peaceful and prosperous democracy, and every Russian would be eternally grateful.

Candidate Trump promised to work with the legitimate governments of Syria and Russia to fight terrorism.

Given that Candidate Trump promised more global warming, a disaster, that wasn't good, but better than WWIII.

Silly me.

President Trump submitted a resolution to the UN Security Council to force regime change in Syria, a resolution vetoed by Russia and China.

President Trump says, unless Russia returns the Crimea, stops supporting the ethnic Russians in the eastern Ukraine, and pulls out of Syria and returns those military bases where the Soviet military is squatting to their rightful owners, NATO, he will force regime change on Russia. (The US MSM complains that, if only we'd elected Secretary Clinton, she'd have started on Day 1, while Trump hasn't started regime change in Syria and Russia, and it's already past Day 50.)

Plus, since China vetoed his resolution and is building islands in the East and South China seas, he'll also need to force regime change in China.

President Trump is trying (with limited success so far) to achieve all the disastrous promises that Candidate Trump made about domestic policy, and is also promising to keep all of Secretary Clinton's promises about foreign policy.

But Secretary Clinton was only promising regime change in Russia and a trade war with China, while Trump & Co are promising a much more exciting military conflict with both Russia and China.

What could possibly go wrong?