Monday, March 28, 2022

Do the Taliban ban all girls from school?

 One of the things I find strange is that the Iranian channel, PressTV, was shut down by the US. For one day. Then they had it back up. The Taliban had a website, but the US shut it down, and it stayed down for almost a year, but they got it back up. But Russia, supposedly a major tech power, has been shut down for months and is still inaccessible. The Russians suffered from a Distributed Denial of Service (DDOS) attack that blocked everyone. They suggested Tor, but their DDOS protection software blocks Tor. They suggested a different system, but it is also blocked. So the Russians have been far less successful than the Taliban in keeping their news channel open and available (heck, they live right next to the Taliban, they should pop in and ask for advice).

Anyway, the Taliban website is back up. What is interesting is that the Western press, on 23 March 2022, said that schools were supposed to be open to girls on 23 March but all the girls were sent home. However, if one checks the Taliban website, it says that one school opened to girls on 25 March.

So the Western press reports (with videos, even though Westerners are not allowed to film inside Afghanistan) that all girls were told to go home on 23 March, girls are not allowed to attend school in Afghanistan. But Afghanistan reports that girls were able to go to school on 25 March. Another story says that both boys and girls will be able to take the university entrance exams.

It must be annoying to the Western press that all can see for themselves the Taliban denials of Western news stories about Afghanistan.

Now if only the Russians would go ask the Taliban how they did it so we can once again see the Russian version of the news.

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