Thursday, September 21, 2023

Seymour Hersh In the News???

 Seymour Hersh recently wrote that he heard from a US intelligence official that the Ukraine Spring Offensive was a complete failure and defeat of the Ukraine by Russia is imminent.

I tried to Google the paper, but nothing by Seymour Hersh after about 2008 is in any of the Western media, which all uniformly reiterate that the Ukraine Spring Offensive have broken through the Russian defensive lines and are now, finally, making rapid progress at retaking the Donbass and the Crimea: using the newest NATO weaponry they have just been given, the Ukraine military have destroyed more than 90% of all Russian armour and artillery. More than 600,000 Russians have been killed, so Russia are sending young boys and elderly men with "outmoded and inept" Soviet and Czarist weapons against the most advanced NATO weapons, and Russia have no ammunition so they are begging the DPRK and Iran for anything they can supply.

Fortunately, I found the Seymour Hersh article referenced in The New Indian Express. (I am too kanjus makkhi cus to pay to read Seymour on his paid substack outlet.)

[In another strange twist, the US now have two Indians running for president, one of whom strongly supports the Ukraine War and says the US must give the Ukraine whatever they need to win the war with total defeat of Russia, while the other Indian says the US must pull out of the Ukraine ASAP. So I guess the former only reads the Western media and the latter still reads the Indian media?]

As a Jordanian friend explained, one can easily get the truth out of the Western media: just replace every use of the words 'Ukrainian' and 'Ukraine' with 'Russian' and 'Russia', and replace every use of the words 'Russian' and 'Russia' with 'Ukrainian' and 'Ukraine'. And I guess you also need to change 'DPRK and Iran' to 'more NATO nations'.

Basically, NATO managed to cleanse their storage facilities of all their 'obsolete and inept' weapons and dumped them all on the Ukraine, so all those warehouses are now empty and the big defence contractors have new, $trillion contracts to refill those warehouses. While $billions have been spent on the Ukraine, only $millions went into the pockets of Ukrainians, almost all went to the Western (mostly US) Military-Industrial-Congressional-Intelligence-Media-Academia-Think_Tank Complex, which was the plan all along. So Mission Accomplished!!!

There are also written and audio records of Joe demanding his cut of the baksheesh paid to Hunter, so all those Republican claims of bribery and corruption are totally unsupported.

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