Friday, February 12, 2021

Another heinous offence by the PRC

 For starters, everyone knows that the US and UK are the only sources of TRVTH in the world. We know that the UK brought the savages modern medicine and modern agriculture, eliminating death from cold and disease in the Native Americans when they supplied them with used blankets, and eliminating famine, as they did in the Raj and in all their concessions in China. We know this because US and UK writers like Kipling told us so, and we know we can believe them. We know the US and UK saved the world from Saddam's and Qaddafi's nukes, which were ready to destroy the world before the US and UK intervened and transformed Iraq and Libya from brutal, impoverished dictatorships and state sponsors of terror into democratic, peaceful and prosperous democracies, again because the always reliable US and UK reporters told us so. Even the most rabid anti-US/UK reporters have to admit that the US/UK armed interventions in Iraq and Libya completely eliminated all reliable electricity and clean water for everyone except the US/UK supervisors and their employees, two things that every good Arab abhors as evil and harmful. And in Libya, everyone knows that Qaddafi destroyed the traditional Libyan economy when he closed all the slave souks, but the US and UK have ensured that they are now once again functioning, and have returned to their position as the mainstay of the Libyan economy after the US/UK eliminated the horrible Qaddafi, who had created an illegal economy based entirely on stealing the oil that rightfully belongs to the US/UK and France.

More recently, we learned that the UK government had used the safest possible cladding on the Grenfell Tower, and the fire was caused by the horrible, unsafe practices of the immigrants who were living there, and this was in every reliable UK newspaper and on the BBC, so no reasonable person can possibly doubt that it is true.

So now, in the interest of ensuring that only the TRVTH is broadcast in the UK, the UK government was forced to ban the lying PRC TV station, CGTN, from broadcasting in the UK. After which, the evil PRC banned the always truthful BBC from broadcasting in the PRC because they were telling the truth about the PRC persecution, rape, murder and incarceration in Concentration Camps, Camps that make those of the Germans in WWII seem like luxury resorts, of all the Muslims in Xinjiang.

We know the BBC is telling the truth because they have at least half a dozen reliable witnesses, and we know those witnesses must be reliable because they are employed by the CIA and MI6, who only pay for the TRVTH. And those witnesses say they have gone all over Xinjiang, have personally seen those Concentration Camps, and have spoken to hundreds of Muslims, including many women to said they were repeatedly raped by the entire PRC army units assigned to impose the evil PRC policies on the poor, enslaved Muslims in Xinjiang.

The fact that the PRC has absolutely no record of any of those witnesses ever having been in the PRC, either as citizens, since there is no record of any of them being citizens, nor any record of any of them ever having received a visa, cannot be trusted, even though the PRC has a rather well regarded reputation of keeping meticulous records. The fact that the PRC has offered visas to anyone who wants to come to Xinjiang and said they were free to go all over Xinjiang and search wherever they like for any raped Muslim women or Concentration Camps is an obvious trap, since all those who have written the TRVTH about those Concentration Camps, Camps that they were able to see very clearly from their offices in Beijing and Shanghai, from both of which Xinjiang and its Concentration Camps are clearly visible, are all banned, and only those who have, by failing to report on those rapes and Concentration Camps, proved they are completely blind, are allowed to go to Xinjiang and look and report.

We know the CIA and MI6 have never once told a single misstatement, every single thing they have ever said is provably true, for one can ask them, and, since they reiterate that they always tell the TRVTH, their assurances cannot be doubted.

So we now know that the PRC bans all truth in the PRC, and tried to spread their lies in the UK, but the UK government stopped them, for which everyone in the UK must be eternally grateful.

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